tips to install two different operating systems on a Smartphone

How to install 2 different operating systems on Samsung Mobile

Earlier in the year, we discovered that it was possible to dual boot (install two operating systems on one mobile) Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with some manipulation at XDA forum.

To install 2 different operating systems on a Smartphone (that has actually not yet been exploited before a developer at) XDA has had the bright idea. It has taken a matter of time for the project is also tested on Samsung Galaxy S4.
dual boot mobile os

A developer named Grarak has managed to dual boot a Galaxy S4, insofar as it is possible to install two operating systems on the same machine as is currently the case on a PC. Therefore, he installed the OS with the overlay TouchWizz on a partition, and a ROM based on AOSP another. By default, the user must run the Perseus core which should not be foreign to those who have already tried the operation on their Galaxy Note 2. However, this can be changed later. In reality, we can not say that the initial configuration of the dual-boot method is a particularly easy process. However, it is relatively simple, and most users do not have to know a great difficulty to follow step by step instructions given.

tips to install two different operating systems on a Smartphone

In any case, the mod is still in alpha stage at the moment, but the developer Grarak says it is already stable enough to be used daily. Anyway, if you have a Galaxy S4 preferably more than 16 GB, and you tried to install two different OS on your smartphone, you can go to this address to see the different instructions and the files to download. By cons, as usual, we are not responsible for any inconvenience that may appear once the mod installed.