iOS 5: the untethered jailbreak will not come quickly

iOS 5 the untethered jailbreak will not come quickly
The operating system iPhone OS 5 can be opened to the untethered jailbreak, but the spread of the procedure to unlock iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch will not happen anytime soon. The claims and promises the hacker pod2G, and on its Twitter profile (see source) has published a detector chirping: “Hey friends jailbreaking, I found a bug that can unlock iPhone OS 5. Do not expect a release soon, but we will work hard.” In short, the front door there, you just make it accessible and easy to use. Just another unwelcome news to Apple after the announcement of the vulnerability.

Only this morning we have in fact told the iOS 5 vulnerability that allows access to sensitive user data. And now the hacker pod2G make things worse with the promise of the jailbreak untehered devices Apple with iPhone OS 5, to unlock them. How long will it be before everyone can exploit the flaw? And Cupertino, how will he react?