ios-6-new OS for iPhone and iPad

iOS 6: new OS for iPhone and iPad Part-I

The system iOS 6 did not miss the party. During the WWDC 2012, Apple has launched a new version of the platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Solutions software for this operating system further extend the user experience with said terminals, adding new features that allow owners of one of the phones, players or tablets of the firm to get rid of some supplements, assuming them as native application. Here are some of the innovations that come with iOS 6 but you will not see in all its glory until autumn. Meanwhile, there will be a beta for developers who work on iPhone 3G and higher models.

ios-6-new OS for iPhone and iPad

For starters, Apple sticks out his chest with IOS 6. More than 350 million terminal that work with your head platform have been sold to March this year. Also assume homogeneity: almost a 80 per cent of the active devices on IOS based on version 5 or higher. However, things could change. And is that IOS 6 is not compatible with the first generation iPhone and although the park tablets of Apple has a generous percentage torn between models 2011 and 2012, there will be a significant number of users who do not qualify for the newest of Cupertino.

Among the more than 200 improvements have included Apple says iOS 6, one has drawn special attention. This is the virtual butler Siri. We especially like the possibilities that will bring users to the Spanish-speaking, and, finally, the wizard voice of the iPhone will recognize the language of Cervantes. And not only that; there will be a distinction between Spanish from Spain and other regions of the globe, although so far only been expressed explicitly the case of Mexico. Incidentally, the new iPhone will also work with Siri. No news about the compatibility with iPad 2, although it seems unlikely that California has given budge.

As for social networking, the first class is integrated into the new system as I did Twitter in iOS 5. We talked about Facebook, who missed the last version of the platform seen to date, at least in the terms that will communicate with the system from iOS 6. The Notification Center will draw on information coming from your own in the famous social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, who from the outset will be integrated with the platform.

In the case of the iPhone, the guys in Cupertino do not forget that this is a phone, smart, but phone. That is why we take advantage iOS 6 to give a little more intelligence to the terminal in this section. Now, for example, new functions are added in this regard. For example, if we receive a call, we will have several options to interact with it. In the classic call reject and accept add a couple more. One is not picking up, responding with a text message with three predefined answers – “I call you later”, “on my way” and “what?” – as well as custom. The other option is called “remember later.” When you call if you use this option, you can tell your phone to us refresh your memory about that unanswered call in an hour, A-GPS will notice when you leave the place, when you get home or the office.