iPhone 4s bug: I do not hear when I call

iPhone 4s Smartphone is one of the latest generation of the smartphone world, as usual, but Apple has some problems in its first versions of the phone.
iPhone 4s bug, I do not hear when I call
The news is bouncing on the various social networks around the world, a substantial number of owners of Apple iPhone 4s are complaining about an annoying bug that occurs during the call, it would appear from the information collected by this problem (Software) cause the microphone (listening) suddenly without the slightest “hint” of some kind, creating considerable discomfort.

The reports of the problem on the official support forum of Apple growing by the hour, the solutions described by users are the most imaginative, some say that to solve the problem, just connect the headset, while others explained that they have solved pressing the key ‘Mute‘ two times or disabling the Syrians.
The bug manifests itself on the most recent iOS 5.s.1, a bad business card for a wonderful machine as the iPhone 4s.