iPhone 5 SIM with a virtual revolution

The iPhone 5 will certainly come in 2012, and unlike the recent iPhone 4s, it’s expected a great technology revolution as opposed to what we saw last Apple smartphone, although with some improvement certainly did a miracle. For weeks, there are questions about what wonders can offer the last real effort of Steve Jobs and rumors began to arrive.
iPhone 5 SIM with a virtual revolution
It seems that the first iPhone 5 could be a new Apple technology thanks to which we have built a kind of SIM card, which will be the forerunner to a whole new generation of iPhone. A revolutionary solution that seems to have already been thrown into a panic telephone companies, who fear being put into the background because of increased users to switch from one operator to another.
Not to mention that there is a chance that Apple itself may act as a virtual new manager, effectively supplanting the traditional operators, with the inevitable fast track towards users. This is speculation, but many are willing to bet that a lot of truth there may be seen circulating the voice of a recent patent filed by Apple regarding precisely a Virtual SIM, NFC connecting to a router. This last could transform the iPhone into a real credit card through which you can make payments in stores that have NFC POS.
Without considering the virtual purchases, such as calls made on the networks of the various telephone operators or online purchases and orders the other hand that smartphones must gradually assume more and more power becoming real all-rounder is a perspective which speaking for some time. Returning to the SIM, it would be a real virtual card that will be integrated directly into the chip.
A solution that would turn even in aesthetic advantage, since that would make you extra space to the iPhone, which could be made thinner and thinner. It’s not just because the space would be saved in thickness with the absence of the slot for the Micro SIM. We’ll see if the rumors are confirmed, but the feeling is that unlike the iPhone 4s, the iPhone 5 really can bring a new revolution.
Of course we remain still in the realm of rumors, but as always Apple products have always talked about and lend themselves easily to any speculation often not true. Waiting to know more in early 2012.