An iPhone 8 concept completely inspired by the Galaxy S8

iPhone 8: Apple copies everything from Samsung

The iPhone 8 Edition shows up in the new designer concept that draws heavily on the latest Samsung Galaxy S8. So we discover what the iPhone 8 would look like if Apple copied everything on Samsung. The war between the two brands is endless and both manufacturers are going to compete this year with the tough competition with the iPhone 8 and the Galaxy S8.

An iPhone 8 concept completely inspired by the Galaxy S8
An Indian designer named Tejas Pawer imagined what could be the next Apple smartphone by creating an iPhone 8 concept. This one is totally inspired by the Samsung Galaxy S8 announced competitor of the next Apple smartphone.
This concept is in breach with the latest rumors concerning the iPhone 8 with in particular an OLED screen with curved edges just like on the Galaxy S8. The Home button disappears in favor of keys directly integrated under the huge screen, accompanied by an improved TouchID fingerprint sensor which would also be integrated under the screen.

The smartphone’s photo sensors are also upgraded, with a 16 megapixel camera at the rear and 12 megapixels at the front for selfies. An x4 optical zoom, an x20 digital zoom and an optical stabilizer. In this concept the iPhone 8 Edition is also certified to the IP68 standard all as the Galaxy S8, allowing it to withstand water and dust. There is also a wireless charging technology.

So in light of the latest rumors, the iPhone 8 Edition that would come to celebrate the ten years of the iPhone might very well look like this concept. Apple fans should be pleased with the appearance of a screen with curved edges, at the risk that users of the Galaxy S8 will shout at plagiarism.

The iPhone 8 Edition is expected to be announced in September as Apple has a habit of doing so in a highly publicized conference. Nevertheless, after production delays , it could be released only two or three months later, namely in October or November 2017.