iPhone Tips: How to unlock the panoramic picture in iOS 5

iPhone Tips How to unlock the panoramic picture in iOS 5
There are tricks for the iPhone that take advantage of the new operating system from Apple. iOS 5 hides a secret, or rather hidden feature that lets you take panoramic photos natively, without necessarily having to lean on apps to download (maybe even free) from App Store in iTunes. The mode is set to off, then you should turn on and you can start it the pictures that are then edited together to create a single ad-hoc, developed horizontally. How do it work? For now it only works with iDevice jailbreak. We follow the procedure developer Conradev.

You will have to act on the file com.apple.mobileslideshow.plist putting a flag on Yes in the vicinity of the voice EnableFirebreak. Since that time the item will appear Panorama and you can take panoramic photos. Probably it will be open to all abilities with the next update to iPhone OS 5, which yesterday came under fire of criticism for a dangerous vulnerability.