Is it wrong to charge the phone all night Myths and truths of batteries and chargers

Is it wrong to charge the phone all night? Myths and truths of batteries and chargers

In the world of new technologies, a number of myths always come around certain themes such as batteries. In the case of mobile phones, how many times have we heard the question whether it is bad charge mobile all night? In this articles we will tell you some myths and truths of batteries and chargers.

Is it wrong to charge the phone all night Myths and truths of batteries and chargers

We do not know how, when or why, but this series of myths always extend between society , myths such as saying that the batteries are broken if we carry unofficial chargers or those who tell us that we should not use the phone while charging, and even the typical tell us about that charge mobile all night is bad.

The six most listened myths

We could probably write a book if all the myths that the company releases about the technologies. However, we will then list the six most listened myths about batteries, chargers and generally those associated with our smartphone:

Indeed this is one of the most important and most widespread myths, but it is a myth partially false. I mean by this that there are chargers that are not of the official mark of our terminal, but possessing high quality and are totally safe. Now, it is true that a cheap charger can not meet the necessary features to guarantee the life of our battery and our smartphone , so if you want to spice up your mobile, better not let the play.

Charging mobile phone over long periods is bad habit

Certainly more than once you have wondered whether charge your smartphone while you sleep, overnight, is bad, the answer is no, it’s not bad charging overnight . The current batteries are “smart” and when they have just finished loading, do not follow overloaded. But yes it is advisable, if possible, only charge the battery and only when necessary.

Just load the mobile when fully discharged

This is another of the most widespread false claims. Indeed, not only is not necessary to wait until the battery dies to charge it, but also is good for the life of our battery performing loads when it is between 40% and 80%, this does not going as the limit and wears less.

Using mobile while charging is negative

Some recent studies have shown that different users, has exploited them mobile terminal while used, being connected to the power, but this problem was not for use while carrying, but by the type of charger used. As discussed above, it is not necessary to use unofficial chargers, but we must use at least high quality boots that will ensure this reliability. So, we can use our phones while they are loading.

The phones should never be turned off

This is a serious mistake that many of us can commit at some point. Our mobile devices are not meant to be lit 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. To make sure of maximizing the life of your phone, proper operation and our drummer, and advisable as we can, give some temporary relief to the phone by turning it off completely.

Making a long first battery charge

This is one of the myths that I hear from the beginning of time, and is totally false applied to lithium batteries and lithium polymer ions. We recommend charging until the indicator shows that the battery has reached its maximum charge level to start working completely independently. Previously it was thought that this charge was necessary because if our battery takes 24 hours to download, the first charge should last for 24 hours, but the concept is wrong. In fact, the battery circuit closes when it detects that the battery is fully charged.