Double tap to wake

KnockOn-Tap to wake smartphone on standby with the double tap

The open track has been the home of Korean production, LG, which has designed and created a system to put the smartphone in stand-by simply doing a double tap on the display .

A function that has proved to be highly convenient and indispensable in that it favors the use of the device with one hand. Not to ensure that this function is only usable on LG devices, did the application KnockOn – Tap to wake.

Double tap to wake

KnockOn – Tap to wake is available to all those devices that do not natively support the stand-by with the double tap, but with one condition: the display of the smartphone on which you want to install KnockOn – Tap to wake must be of type AMOLED otherwise the application will not lead to any result.

We are not yet able to tell you if the developer of KnockOn – tap to wake, Jawomo, the app will be changed so as to make it run on the LCD display . But, let’s say, there are no problems related to technology as LG takes full advantage of the feature.

Meanwhile, thanks to KnockOn – tap to wake, put the smartphone on standby with the double tap is a breeze. In fact, you can set the application to choose different features, such as: single tap on the lock screen, tap twice to reactivate it (only OLED) – both single and double-tap can be activated separately -; mode power saving by activating a timer to use; speed recognition double tap customizable.

In addition, the application KnockOn – Tap to wake no presence any advertisement and does not require root permissions enabled smartphone.

To put the smartphone on standby through KnockOn – tap to wake, you merely have to install the application directly from the Play Store .