LG now sells first smartphone with Firefox OS

LG Fireweb: the first smartphone with Firefox OS

Some time ago, LG was relatively unofficially announced that is working on cheap smartphones, which are to be operated with the new Firefox OS. Now it is done and LG has released its so-called Fireweb in Brazil.

Most likely it can not start overly much with, just because this country already has the Alcatel OneTouch Fire runs on Firefox OS and Germany also is not necessarily the country of destination. In principle, the target of the phones and the operating system for beginners. “Weak” hardware ensures a low price and thus provides a good entry into the smartphone world, and good access. And that is exactly the idea behind FF OS. (Mainly from emerging countries) to enable people with little income to access the mobile world. The markets in the western world are largely divided and market share there is only in countries like China and Brazil to get.

LG now sells first smartphone with Firefox OS

The 4-inch Fireweb has just a resolution of 480 x 320, but a powerful 1 GHz processor. The internal memory of 4 GB can be expanded via microSD and on board is also a 5 megapixel camera. All the fun can be had for 150 €. If it is available in Germany, therefore, also a boarding alternative for teenagers.

If Mozilla is still sticking to its entry strategy, I would find that pretty sad. The operating system looks very interesting and I think it is always good to have competition the stalled smartphone market times stirring up a bit.