LG G3 is forcing the display resolution to 1080p boost performance

LG G3: forcing the display resolution to 1080p boost performance

After the first teething problems (abnormal overheating and some uncertainty in performance) and a few tweaks to the list price, to date LG G3 is still a viable alternative to take home a smartphone top of the range, upgraded to the latest Android distribution and a great display from QHD resolution definitely very high.

LG G3 is forcing the display resolution to 1080p boost performance

The decision to use a 2560×1440 LCD panel has been for many, at least initially, the main cause of the problems of this terminal but thanks to a very active community, was born a tool able to force the display resolution up to 1920x1080p to conduct some tests and compare the performance that can be had with a smaller load in the management of the display, compared to the standard resolution.

Forcing LG G3 to work on a full HD resolution, to the naked eye will notice no difference, however, will be far fewer pixels to handle, 2,073,600 for accuracy against 3.6864 million of that QHD. Putting less pixels in the same screen size by 5.5 inches, the graphics card must necessarily extend those pixels that were more numerous, to fill all the space, thus resorting to interpolation of images.

Each pixel is stretched to twice compared to the original resolution , this to be a perfect match of the display , filling the empty space left by the missing pixels in Full HD, with an interpolation which is barely perceptible but almost indistinguishable to the eye.

The test was carried out with a G3 Korean model F400S with 3GB of RAM, updated to the latest build KitKat available (not to Lollipop) without any customization, all completely stock except for the program Nomone Resolution Changer (requires root permissions unlocked) which in fact serves to lower the resolution in automatic mode .

The results provided in three steps by AnTuTu, followed by another three tests with GFXBench, here is what has emerged.

As you can see from the chart, the results are greatly improved, a total of almost 30% more. The performance 3D are even almost doubled and even in the heat dissipation terminal has found several benefits, staying cooler.

Regarding the battery instead improvements were not detected, the autonomy has stabilized approximately on the same results. In conclusion, LG G3 becomes a super smartphone if taken at a resolution of 1920×1080, with a loss q lmost imperceptible in image quality , performance increase exponentially and fluidity reborn as if it had never been fully exploited.

Note: Although the obvious performance improvement lowering of the resolution with the same hardware, the test remains curious.
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