low cost iPhone for emerging markets

Apple preparing a low cost iPhone for emerging markets

Today, when you think of a low cost smart Phone, most immediately you think about the iPhone 4, that model of Apple has chosen to replace the iPhone 3GS for all those who want to enter the ecosystem iOS at an acceptable price.

low cost iPhone for emerging markets

But the truth is that you would not be completely accurate, because the iPhone 4 is not a cheap model, a model it is simply called outdated, sold at lower prices because higher models have appeared.

So Apple might be thinking of breaking that chain of scaling models and make a specific model of low cost for China and other emerging markets.

According to sources involved in making that possible low cost iPhone claim to have seen a prototype that, far from being the rumored iPhone nano that appears much as it would be a device that would use a large screen (speaking of the tendency to adopt at 5 inches seems to be increasing) and have a design that would not resemble any of the current models in production.

This low cost iPhone build upon the success that has the iPad mini in China and these emerging markets to imitate that concept applied to iPhone looking more reach around the world to equip higher level technology because despite having with a big screen, it would not only Retina, if chipsets would use low to medium range, as the dual-core MSM8960 and APQ8064 quad-core family of Snapdragon, manufactured by Qualcomm.

Is all this true? Sources say that it would be launched in the second half of this year 2013, so you have to pay attention to signs that may appear.