MagCable: magnetic charging arrives on all smartphones

I point this evening a truly amazing and fantastic accessory for your smartphone with Android, iOS and Windows Phone OS.

The accessory that I present today is called MagCable and allows for the magnetic charge of any smartphone . Yes, you read right: with MagCable will be possible to obtain the magnetic charge on all smartphones . This way you can just bring the power cord to your device to start charging without having to enter each time the pin (which is regularly inserted in the wrong direction).

But let’s find out together the details of MagCable to understand how it actually works.

MagCable magnetic charging port on all smartphones

With MagCable we can finally upload our devices comfortably. MagCable has just arrived on Kickstarter, which has already collected many funds to enable its designers to proceed with the project.

No denying it: one of the great limitations of today’s smartphones is the battery, which lasts always too little and not with us ever in the evening. And so we are forced to continuously load our smartphones : the current, to the PC, the external battery; just any source of energy to bring us closer as if it were a spring of water in the desert.

But, let’s face it, every time connect the smartphone to the classic cable is a pain in the ass is not indifferent. The various ports MicroUSB, then, require you to insert the connector in the right direction and with an almost maniacal precision and every time we put the cable in the wrong direction. And, in all of this, it not infrequently happens that the cables are connected or removed with too much violence which may break.

To work around this “problem” and make our life easier, here is getting ready to come to market MagCable, a magnetic universal connector that will allow us to load our smartphone in a very simple and fast. In practice it is a cheap and simple cable to any device that provides for the possibility of the to be loaded without having to enter precisely the connector into the port. Fantastic!

Going into details, we find that MagCable is a real kit consists of two parts: the adapter and the magnetic wire.

At the micro-USB port (or Lighitning for those with iPhone) device is placed a special adapter that then attract the magnetic wire.

In short, with MagCable can simply bring the charging cable to your smartphone and, thanks to the magnetic charging will start in the blink of an eye. Fantastic!

As anticipated, the project MagCable was launched on Kickstarter, where he finished the stage crowdfunding after just a few minutes, registering nearly twice the sum required for the production. In this way, the lucky lenders could take home a kit MagCable with just $ 12.

At this point we should not do anything but wait for the real marketing accessory, hoping to see him soon in Italy at a competitive price. I’m really curious to fully test this MagCable, especially because, passing by Galaxy S6 iPhone 6S, I lost the wireless charging, which was convenient for me.