Advertising and marketing campaigns can be expensive

Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

Have you just started a new business or been contracted to launch a marketing campaign for a start-up business? It can be an exciting and challenging time. Oh, where to start. Print media, local campaigns, digital and social media are all critical components of marketing campaigns. Follow these recommendations from the marketing gurus and start up professionals to ensure you get the most impact for your marketing spend.

Advertising and marketing campaigns can be expensive

If you’re working with a limited budget, it’s more important than ever to get back to marketing basics. Don’t pull out the company check book until you’ve done your research. Advertising and marketing campaigns can be expensive. You’re end game is to drive sales. Increased sales directly related to marketing efforts are the return on investment you’re striving for. The first objective is to identify your target market. Only then can you identify marketing channels to reach them. Conduct market surveys. Know the marketing campaigns of your competitors. These are back to basic steps in identifying your target market. With a limited budget, branding and boosting sales penetration should be tandem efforts.

All marketing materials, both print and digital are a direct reflection of your brand. They should speak to your brand and your audience. Take advantage of the awesome deals offered by Groupon coupons and have your marketing materials printed by the experts at Vistaprint. From business cards, to brochures to company presentation materials and branded marketing items, quality printing is a reflection of your brand.

One of the anchor pieces of nearly every marketing campaign today is the development of a comprehensive company website. If the intent is to sell product online, a fully function website with a shopping portal is a critical component of the marketing campaign. Unless you have extensive experience in website development, it’s highly recommended to turn this job over to a professional. The resulting product will be worth the investment. Online sales are a growing percentage of company revenue and need to be driven by a reliable and intuitive website that allows for a seamless customer experience.