Microsoft is opening an online store to sell their products

Microsoft To Open Online Store To Compete With Amazon

The Redmond giant was thinking very seriously about opening an online store to sell their products at the best price and make the purchase easier for their customer. Obviously Microsoft was setting as well that things are going to Amazon lately and was very interested in the business part.

As reported by The Wall Street Journal, the project name was Brazil and was quite close to get ahead. In fact there were many conversations with retailers and technology companies to be able to create a website where Microsoft will sell its products, especially software, and hardware from other companies that carry inside Windows.

To make it much more attractive to the consumer purchased online, besides much more comfortable, Microsoft online store is considering for lowering the price of the products with respect to the traditional sale in other online store, taking advantage of the benefits that the distributors spend on advertising on Bing.

Microsoft is opening an online store to sell their products

Why not made?
“Project Brazil was a project to allow a model more direct trading between customers, brands and retailers,” said Microsoft spokesperson. “We remain committed to finding new and different ways that allow a more targeted approach to e-commerce and online advertising”, he added.

Anyway Microsoft has refused fully to indicate the reasons that ultimately have not opened the online store. And considering the number of variables to handle these large companies would be very difficult to speculate.

What is certain is that, in recent years, electronic commerce is experiencing a boom and there would be very risky to venture into a project that Microsoft has the twigs to succeed. Although, in 2010,the company opened what they called Microsoft Live Search cash back, holding it to close two years later because of a complete failure.

They may not add up to the creators Windows accounts, or you may not leave them another unprofitable failure. Anyway we will be looking for when opening the online retail store, and that sooner or later everyone will have to jump through hoops.