5 Reasons Microsoft Office is better than Google Docs

Microsoft updates Android Office Apps to deal with PDF files

Microsoft does not fail in its commitment to embrace a growing market niche in as many environments as possible, starting with its Windows 10 and passing, as is the case at the moment, by its popular Office suite, Android Office Apps, which Recently just received a new update.

Specifically we refer to the update that, popular office suite, Microsoft Android Office Apps, just received, but in this case focused on devices based on Google’s mobile operating system , Android. And is that the company of Redmond no longer conforms to the users opt for their alternative when working with the same in their different platforms, both desktop and mobile , but also wants to become strong in those of the competition More direct.

5 Reasons Microsoft Office is better than Google Docs

This is the case of the operating system for mobile devices that more users have, Android, so Microsoft has renewed its application in order to, among other things, bring to its proposal current users of the suite for the same needs of the browser, Google Docs. As is well known, Office is basically composed of Excel, PowerPoint, Word, Outlook and OneNote , although in most cases, the most used of applications in the text editor, Word.

Well, in this update the Redmond finally have decided to implement a function widely requested by users for a long time, compatibility with files in PDF format . This functionality for the moment is available in Beta for all those who belong to the Insider program of the firm, although it is expected that soon reach the rest. It is worth mentioning that the mentioned text editor allows both the reading and the conversion of these PDF files .

On the other hand the Excel application also includes new functions such as scripts and Query tables with parameters, while these two mentioned, in addition to PowerPoint , have received another important improvement related in this case with the processing of images from the office suite itself. More concretely from now on and in a similar way as in the desktop versions of Microsoft applications , we can apply shading and reflection effects to the photos that we include in the documents of these three tools.

What is becoming clear is that with all these moves, the Redmond company aims to attract users of other mobile platforms to their own applications , since its proposal for mobile devices is not having, much less, the expected acceptance By the signature itself.

With everything and with it, for all those who make use of the files in PDF format , we offer other alternatives with which you can open and read this type of documents on Android without any problem.