Mitac MIO A501 Windows Mobile smartphone. Announced 2007

Mio Phone, the smartphone for children

Not only tablet; the group Lisciami , author of Mio Tablet , expands its range of products for children announcing the Mio Phone . It is a device particularly suitable for children from six years of age with a series of applications that educate young users.

Mitac MIO A501 Windows Mobile smartphone. Announced 2007

Mio Phone is a smartphone with ergonomics particularly suitable for children with specific settings that meet the needs of smaller, more and more inclined to the use of technological devices. But the main objective of this device is to inculcate precise messages Educational, all accompanied by a series of filters for safety.

It is, in fact, a device entirely Parental Control with specific checks of applications, sites that can be viewed, but also on calls and SMS incoming and outgoing.

An application will also allow you to locate the Mio Phone, anywhere. A number of features allow the child to develop the cognitive system and intelligence. The calls can be realized solely through the use of two special headphones that allow users to call without having the ear directly in contact with the device ; innovation useful to the health of children.