Little information on MIUI 12 which, however, is getting closer

Miui 12 announced by Xiaomi, will arrive this year

Xiaomi has announced MIUI 12 revealing the new user interface that had already been anticipated on several occasions. For some smartphones, Redmi and Xiaomi are still waiting for MIUI 11 but it is clear that MIUI 12 is getting closer. As for MIUI 11, in fact, MIUI 12 will be implemented on the latest smartphones.

Little information on MIUI 12 which, however, is getting closer

The most recent version of the customization of Android developed by Xiaomi, is increasingly used in Xiaomi smartphones which, however, has predicted that it will be replaced by MIUI 12. Xiaomi has in fact confirmed the official name of the future version of its personalization, MIUI 12, with a teaser image published on Weibo showing the logo on a black background. The company also confirmed on its official social profiles in China that the MIUI 12 is expected to arrive this year.

We have to wait for more news on MIUI 12

The distribution of the new version of the Android customization is still far away and, precisely for this reason, there are no official details but, in all probability, the work has already been underway for some time. In the coming weeks there may be the debut of the beta version and, probably, there will also be more news about the aesthetic improvements. However we expect a graphical interface with some tweaks, finishes and, above all, new functions; plus, what’s for sure is that there will be a general setting based entirely on Android 10 .

In fact, Xiaomi has always announced the new versions of its MIUI at the beginning of the year and, subsequently, has foreseen the distribution in the second half. It is possible that it will appear in September / October on the first smartphones. Obviously you can only wait to have other news about it, perhaps with advances or confirmations from the company that always has many surprises in store for its users.