Photographic fitness Nokia Lumia 1020 can be seen by checking your accessories catalog

Which mobile has the best camera?

While it is true that the market supply of mobile devices is becoming ever wider, it is an analysis of what model you have the best camera, because as seen in studies done recently, this functionality is one of the most widely used, whatever the age group, gender, or user preferences.

We opted to choose as best model at this point, by far, the Nokia Lumia 1020. The main reason to consider it as one of the device most revolutionized the market, which has built an incredible 41 megapixel sensor with PureView technology, which places it at the top as far ahead of potential competitors.

But the question is Why such a resolution? The answer lies in the possibilities offered and reached its highest expression in the reinvention of zoom that Nokia company has done. Thanks to the sensor that tells the computer allows to approach the site of action in the same way as if we had three optical zoom magnification without losing detail that decision.

Photographic fitness Nokia Lumia 1020 can be seen by checking your accessories catalog

In addition to the issues discussed, the device Nokia has optical Carl Zeiss, a guarantee as to their quality . The optical camera has six lenses and stabilization system, allowing to obtain the best results, either in video recording and image capture.

The Full HD video is another highlight, getting incredible results in conditions of great adversity due to its large sensor and the option to record sound up to 140dB. Another point to remember is its powerful Xenon flash.

Photographic fitness Nokia Lumia 1020 can be seen by checking your accessories catalog, among which is the Nokia Camera Grip, which incorporates a handle to take the device with the most comfort when shooting, as in the case of a compact camera. Also worth mentioning that this fixture has an extra battery that extends the autonomy of the mobile device.

The Full HD video is another highlight

Forgetting for a moment the camera, before introducing us related to your operating system, we must not forget the excellent AMOLED ClearBlack 4.5-inch screen, which provides a high brightness and contrast and other unique aspect: its high sensitivity that allows handle the screen even with gloves.

Windows Phone 8, personalization as a bet

In connection with its operating system, the reality is that the latest market information shows the clear increase sales that are experiencing with Windows Phone device in recent times. Now you can talk about the new alternative to Android and iOS when opting for a mobile computer. Undoubtedly, the great hurt in this great struggle has been none other than BlackBerry, so that you can not understand has lost a historical position in the market.

The fluid and intuitive Windows Phone has been a matter that has surprised us a lot. Its concept is very innovative: everything is centered on your home screen, which allows hand always visible and the things that interest us, such as contacts, applications, documents, among others.

Simply choose the things we want ‘anchor’ so it’s always in sight showing the latest news that appear as emails received, updates or notifications without the need to open anything.

The evolution of Windows Phone comes with many new features such as FM radio, screen lock with a clock that is always in view even when the device is idle, and improving the autonomy of your battery.

Finally, a very interesting option, which increasingly have more presence, especially for those users that they like a lot of photography.