Evernote is an application that can be used by students and workers to manage all their content and, now also, share and edit them together

Evernote take complete notes on Windows PC and Windows Phone

The most famous application, Evernote complete and helpful to take notes and have all your notes organized is now in the Microsoft Windows store. Evernote has released both Windows 8 version, for computers, as Windows Phone for smartphones. On both platforms the Business notebooks or businesses are particularly important. In addition, other functions are equated to catch up with what is seen in Android and iOS.

Evernote is an application that can be used by students and workers to manage all their content and, now also, share and edit them together

Evernote is one of the most famous apps in the world of portable devices to organize all kinds of notes, papers, recordings, videos or images through a phone, a tablet or a computer. This can label to find more quickly and conveniently, and storing it in the cloud or Internet.

On Windows Phone version, note the emphasis placed on supporting the mentioned books Business. These are documents that you can share with colleagues working to complete a common way that file. You just need to create a note from within the Business section, or move notes and created this book.

In this mobile platform has also added a new feature to protect your privacy. This is a numeric PIN or code that must be inserted to see your private notes, a good value if your mobile is used by other people and you want to protect your content. Yes, the negative point is that this feature is only available in the Premium version of Evernote.

Last but not least, they have improved tools for text editing. This means you can change the text style to italic or bold line by line and not by sections, as before. In addition, it have included other issues such as bulleted and numbered lists, among other options. All of them are listed in the toolbar located at the bottom of the screen while you write the note just below the keyboard.

Regarding the version for Windows computers, Evernote update share some points with Windows Phone. The most notable is support for the mentioned books Business, which now have a better management, to copy, paste and move the documents quickly and easily. They have also added a feature called Web Clipper for Internet Explorer 9. It allows saving web pages quickly to sort and label so comfortable and agile.

In short, a fine tuning of this tool that increasingly has more fans. Evernote is an application that can be used by students and workers to manage all their content and, now also, share and edit them together. But the best part is that Evernote can get it for totally free through Windows Store.

iOS 6.1 for iPhone 5 could arrive in January

The last official update that launched Apple for their mobile devices has been known as iOS 6.0.2. However, after several beta-test versions of the next major version of iOS 6.1, it is expected to be officially launched over next January. However, before it, the Cupertino should launch what is known as version Gold Master (GM).

The last update was focused only teams like the iPhone 5 or iPad mini

The last update was focused only teams like the iPhone 5 or iPad mini, was that WiFi connections were more regular and not disconnected, so often, the access point. However, since complaints are enough to say that the battery consumption on both devices is greater than previous. To give an example: it has managed to consume 60 percent of energy in three hours.

Therefore, it is expected that this device is running against time to launch appropriate improvements. The latest beta released to developers indicated that its expiration date would end of next January. Still, according to the website GottaBeMobile, one of the hackers of the jailbreak for iOS, has stated in his Twitter account Gold Master should be launched before January 31 to the market the version, indicating a version already finished finalize all faults and that, if nothing changes at the last minute, it will be a version identical to what is released days later to the public.

So if the Gold Master version appeared in the first days of next month, the official version should not go more than two weeks later. Among the improvements expected in the update could comment that Apple had been working to improve its Maps feature, but after the arrival of Google Maps in the App Store, or Nokia HERE – perhaps this matter has been in the background.

Another improvement expected is a new job that will play Siri, the virtual assistant of advanced mobile Apple. And is that Siri can buy movie tickets, in addition, improvements are expected in the music player including the bitten apple.

The same hacker who commented on Twitter that the final version of the new mobile platform for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad could be ready in January, also said that this version would be even harder to find vulnerabilities that favors access to thousands of applications through Cydia.

How to install iOS 6 not losing iOS 5 Jailbroken iPhone

How to install iOS 6 not losing iOS 5 Jailbroken iPhone

The new version of the mobile platform from Apple for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch iOS 6 will be available for download tomorrow on Wednesday September 19. This new release has many improvements over iOS 5 that make the upgrade worthwhile, but neither has so many new features as was iOS 5 to iOS 4. Anyway million users worldwide installed iOS 6 in terminal on Wednesday and thus enjoy all advantages. One of the best things about the iPhone is that update for quite some time and the company offers support for older devices, as in this case the iPhone 3GS, compatible terminals.

How to install iOS 6 not losing iOS 5 Jailbroken iPhone

While most users upgraded to iOS 6 without hesitation, others should be especially careful in doing so. Of course we mean all those who have applied the jailbreak, the method that eliminates the restrictions of Apple and opens up a range of possibilities. Currently the latest version is iOS 5.1.1 Jailbroken also is an Untethered Jailbreak completely stable not lost unless you update to a new version, in this case iOS 6. There is no Jailbreak for iOS 6 because the final version is not yet available, when this occurs hackers can get to work to try to overcome the defenses of the system once more. You never know when you take, could be one week to several months. When it was iOS 5 about a year ago many users to Jailbreak updated without thinking and had to wait a whopping three months to regain a Jailbreak stable at its terminals. That is why this time it is best to be cautious that this does not happen again.

You must make one thing clear, if you install iOS 6, you lose Untethered Jailbreak. At this point users must decide whether they prefer to enjoy the new features of the new version sacrificing all your applications Jailbreak indefinitely. But do not panic, there is a way to install iOS 6 and ensure your Jailbreak to get back to it later. While on iOS 6 you can not have a Jailbreak, but if you save the SHSH Blobs you can downgrade to iOS 5 from iOS 6 where Untethered Jailbreak is possible. SHSH Blobs are a sort of digital certificate that is unique for each device and is the key to install iTunes prior to the current versions of the system, in this case would be to return to iOS 5.1.1 from iOS 6.
How to install iOS 6 not losing iOS 5 Jailbroken iPhone
Saving SHSH Blobs is very simple, you just have to perform the process with a tool called TinyUmbrella. All you have to do is connect your iPhone to your computer using the USB cable, open TinyUmbrella and press the Save SHSH. On Windows the files are saved in a folder called .shsh within your user folder. With this simple gesture you make sure that if you update to iOS 6 can return to iOS 5.1.1 and recover the Jailbreak. We suggest you keep safe SHSH Blobs because without them it will be impossible to downgrade version and you can not retrieve the Jailbreak.

FaceTime is made compatible with the then 3G

iOS 6: new OS for iPhone and iPad Part-II

More news in the section of the iPhone: Never mind if in silent mode with vibration setting. Apple pulled the boat out on this line and presented in IOS 6 a new phone configuration mode. Do not break too much head and baptized with the very descriptive name of “Do Not Disturb”. Basically, it’s a default mode that keeps the device in operation, though in a state of hibernation that will not reflect the usual behavior, although still receive calls, messages and notifications. This function can be customized with special commands such as put a daily schedule, add exceptions or define routines.

FaceTime is made compatible with the then 3G

Time for Apple’s native video call, FaceTime. This service is not new, both in the iPhone as iPad. And not only that, the computers running Mac OS X, the operating system home computers also support this application. However, now joins a small but substantial improvement, especially for mobile operators, if they know the traffic channel is going to assume: FaceTime also operate over data networks. That is why there is no need to be under the influence of a point Wi-Fi to videollamar our contacts have iPhone, iPad or Mac computer.

The system also incorporates some new features like the browser itself. Apple says that it works faster, dealing with reading improvement and operation of the websites that are visited. But not all. It will allow sync tabs icloud, the cloud platform of the firm, so that you could share with the desktop version of the same browser. You also have a way of reading offline for a time when it is not possible to connect to Internet.

And despite the integration of Facebook, since Apple will not make you averse to their own social network images. It’s called Photo Stream. Basically, this is a service that we can share photos with your contacts, incorporating constraints, comments and other interactions. Photos and albums can be shared only with the selected contacts, so they will not be available to all users we have on our list.

The manager email some minimal performance gains. To begin, let manage lists of favorites, or VIPs. And also give user the option to insert photos or videos inside the body text, so that will not move the attachments at the end of the mail.

One of the additions to the system that has surprised called Passbook. It is a service that allows you to take in implementing a registry entries, tickets and cards that could in shops, cinemas, theaters and transportation centers. With this, you would not need to resort to physical impressions tickets or cards, since the code reflected in their different possibilities on the screen with Passbook would be more than enough to fulfill their missions. Given this, will require a period of adaptation to the shops and most popular service providers. However, since not arrive until fall iOS 6, is more than likely that those responsible to cover Passbook batteries are made for the launch.

Moreover, the rift between Apple and Google becomes more pronounced after knowing that the latter maps will not be the application of choice for geolocation in IOS 6. Those in Mountain View are no longer responsible for the mapping that uses the IOS, now go to be developed entirely by Apple in conjunction with TomTom. There are three main features of the new maps. For starters, it has an option that virtualizes the profiles of the cities in three dimensions, so that situations can be identified by something other than its location or its coordinates. In addition, the application will act as GPS, describing step by step routes. Finally, among the information you can supply the user, the application shall disclose traffic data, recording the incidents caused by roadworks, accidents or unexpected on the road.

Failing that get in autumn and can download the official version of IOS 6, there is only satisfied with the evidence offered by the platform in its Beta. From what has been released, no doubt that Apple continues to monitor developments consisting of Android on your platform, passing through the sieve of the house, thus reducing commitment to simplicity, usability and uniform design characteristic of the house on the block.

Particularly noteworthy are the new options of Siri, improves integration with various services. The new maps will also attract your attention, not only for the tasty options that have been allowed to see during the presentation, but also because of the curiosity that signed the opening of a new front of competition between Apple and Google.

The fact that FaceTime is made compatible with the then 3G is best left in quarantine until it is established on the one hand, the stability offered on the mobile data network, and secondly, what sacrifices will need to take to use the detriment of the contracted bandwidth quota. What is striking is that so far has integrated Facebook with the system, though well regarded, better late than never. Be another matter Passbook Photo Stream and a couple of services that a priori have very interesting insights, but will be subject to how to finally present a commercial basis and the support they receive from users and partners will require at least Passbook.

ios-6-new OS for iPhone and iPad

iOS 6: new OS for iPhone and iPad Part-I

The system iOS 6 did not miss the party. During the WWDC 2012, Apple has launched a new version of the platform for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Solutions software for this operating system further extend the user experience with said terminals, adding new features that allow owners of one of the phones, players or tablets of the firm to get rid of some supplements, assuming them as native application. Here are some of the innovations that come with iOS 6 but you will not see in all its glory until autumn. Meanwhile, there will be a beta for developers who work on iPhone 3G and higher models.

ios-6-new OS for iPhone and iPad

For starters, Apple sticks out his chest with IOS 6. More than 350 million terminal that work with your head platform have been sold to March this year. Also assume homogeneity: almost a 80 per cent of the active devices on IOS based on version 5 or higher. However, things could change. And is that IOS 6 is not compatible with the first generation iPhone and although the park tablets of Apple has a generous percentage torn between models 2011 and 2012, there will be a significant number of users who do not qualify for the newest of Cupertino.

Among the more than 200 improvements have included Apple says iOS 6, one has drawn special attention. This is the virtual butler Siri. We especially like the possibilities that will bring users to the Spanish-speaking, and, finally, the wizard voice of the iPhone will recognize the language of Cervantes. And not only that; there will be a distinction between Spanish from Spain and other regions of the globe, although so far only been expressed explicitly the case of Mexico. Incidentally, the new iPhone will also work with Siri. No news about the compatibility with iPad 2, although it seems unlikely that California has given budge.

As for social networking, the first class is integrated into the new system as I did Twitter in iOS 5. We talked about Facebook, who missed the last version of the platform seen to date, at least in the terms that will communicate with the system from iOS 6. The Notification Center will draw on information coming from your own in the famous social network created by Mark Zuckerberg, who from the outset will be integrated with the platform.

In the case of the iPhone, the guys in Cupertino do not forget that this is a phone, smart, but phone. That is why we take advantage iOS 6 to give a little more intelligence to the terminal in this section. Now, for example, new functions are added in this regard. For example, if we receive a call, we will have several options to interact with it. In the classic call reject and accept add a couple more. One is not picking up, responding with a text message with three predefined answers – “I call you later”, “on my way” and “what?” – as well as custom. The other option is called “remember later.” When you call if you use this option, you can tell your phone to us refresh your memory about that unanswered call in an hour, A-GPS will notice when you leave the place, when you get home or the office.

How to downgrade iPhone OS to version 5.0.1

How to downgrade iPhone OS to version 5.0.1

Apple freezes the digital signatures of iOS 5.0.1
As usual, Apple has done so after a few days to capture digital signatures necessary to install the penultimate mobile operating system. This implies of course that is no longer possible to install the 5.0.1 firmware in the traditional manner, i.e. through the normal recovery process in iTunes.
How to downgrade iPhone OS to version 5.0.1
So, if you need to restore iOS 5.0.1, you need the certificates SHSH of your device for that version. Following our guide, you can still have iPhone OS 5.0.1 on your device even though Apple has locked digital signatures. However, we would like to point out that the recovery method using the SHSH blob can be run only on Apple devices with the previous chip A5. So, owners of iPhone 4S and iPad 2 with iOS 5.0.1 can no longer recover even if they saved the SHSH.

How to downgrade iPhone OS to version 5.0.1
The new version of the mobile operating system has already been jailbroken, albeit tethered and only for some devices (which do not include the iPhone 4S and iPad 2). However, if you are interested in the jailbreak, the best choice right now is to stay with iOS 5.0.1. If you have already installed the latest version, here is how to downgrade it.

Apple has not yet locked the keys to sign the firmware 5.0.1, so there is no need to have previously saved the certificate SHSH your device on the penultimate version. As soon as such keys are removed, you cannot restore iOS 5.0.1 using traditional methods developed by Apple. The only alternative, therefore, remains the one that uses the SHSH blob.

The downgrade of the method allows restoring iOS 5.0.1 only if, when you had that version of the operating system on your device, you have done to save the certificate SHSH. However, the method described here cannot be applied to iPhone 4S or iPad 2 because, although you have the SHSH blob in your hands, there is still no way to use it in the process of installing the firmware.

To downgrade using certificates SHSH you need iFaith (the links for download are listed at end of article) and the iOS 5.0.1 firmware on your device formed IPSW, available from our download page. Do the following:

  • Open iFaith and choose the “Build IPSW*signed w/Blobs”
  • Look for the path on your computer where you saved the certificate SHSH of iOS 5.0.1. Select the file also IPSW you downloaded
  • iFaith will kick off the automatic procedure, after which you will create the custom firmware
  • Set your device into DFU mode by following closely the steps shown by iFaith
  • Open iTunes and hold down SHIFT, click on Restore. Select the custom firmware created by iFaith and wait until the processing is completed.
iOS 5.1 already jailbroken tweaks and fixes welcome

iOS 5.1: already jailbroken tweaks and fixes welcome

Following the event in which he announced the iPad and Apple TV to third generation, Apple has made the necessary software updates. Along with iTunes 6.10, the Cupertino company has also published iOS 5.1.
iOS 5.1 already jailbroken tweaks and fixes welcome
This update, less than its minor numbering would suggest, finally refines some features in accordance with the expectations of many users:

  • Beginning with the possibility to delete photos from the Photo feeds, opened with iOS 5.0
  • Access to the camera from the lock screen now builds of Android, with a button that must be always visible slide. Access to the camera from the locked screen, also opened with IOS 5.0, required far a double button press home.
  • The Face Detection function highlights the detected faces (iPhone 4S and iphone 3G only)
  • Customers can now benefit iTunes Match Genius Mixes and Genius playlists
  • The weight at which a download must be done over Wi-Fi has been raised from 20 to 50 MB

A number of features are naturally reserved for the iPhone, while model confused (when applicable):

  • Redesign of the camera application for iPad, with improved ergonomics essential: the shutter button is near the home regardless of camera orientation, as on the iPhone
  • Optimizing the audio of TV shows and movies to deliver a louder and clearer on the iPad
  • Control the playback speed for podcasts and rewind 30 seconds on iPad

iOS 5.1 finally brings, as usual, a lot of patches independent of the apparatus used:

  • Fixed problems related to battery
  • Fixed an issue that can occasionally cause the loss of audio during calls made
  • Batch of security updates to the WebKit rendering engine
  • iOS 5.1 is therefore now available. Devices running IOS 5.0 can be updated independently from the application Settings> General> Software Update, after a download of 177 to 206 MB. The update can still be done from iTunes, through a download of between 656 and 803 MB.

Already unbridled
It only took a few hours to make it possible to jailbreak iOS 5.1 under certain conditions. limera1n The exploit discovered by Geohot is actually still valid on iOS devices operating not chip Apple A5 or later, that is to say until the iPhone 4, the 4th generation iPod Touch and 1st generation iPad. MuscleNerd of the Dev Team has already updated the tool redsn0w, now in version 0.9.10b6. However, it is tethered type, that is to say he can not resist a restart of the device.