iOS 5.1 passes the testing phase and is about to be released

Several months ago, Apple provident send to beta testers version 5.1 of its mobile operating system. Now, just hours after the official presentation by the iPad 3, get news about it, that iPhone OS 5.1 Gold Master, or the latest subversion in the development of a version of the firmware, would finally passed the testing phase.
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iOS 5.1 passes the testing phase and is about to be released
So, iOS 5.1 would be ready for release to the public. This could lead to Tim Cook and his call for tonight’s new material on stage for the next release of the Yerba Buena Center. Not least, so the idea that the new Apple tablet may already factory installed iOS 5.1.
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Jailbreaking: SwitchCleaner for iOS 5 helps to clean the area Multitasking

For those who dabble with the operations of the jailbreak on the iPhone, we present an application installed on iOS5 devices that allows you to clear the memory from running applications that do not wish to remain running in the background taking up resources. The name of this app is SwitchCleaner and you will find in Cydia repository.

The developer r_plus has released this tool, can be used only on iOS 5 devices and provides the user with two improvements for the management of multi-tasking. Natively, when you entered this area, are visible only to applications running in that moment: in this way, the user must press and hold on an icon to enter the editing mode, which turns the familiar red button “delete” to allow the removal of the application from the bar switch. Using SwitchCleaner we will not need to follow all these steps, since the app to change the behavior of the iPhone OS 5 operating system, making it unnecessary user interaction.


The small change in one variable can make sure that when a user enters the area of multitasking, the red button to remove the app running is immediately visible! Just one touch to complete the removal operation without additional touch or expectations. SwitchCleaner was distributed by its creator as an open source project and is downloadable for free for all devices that are based on iOS 5.


To use SwitchCleaner is obviously essential that the device is already unlocked. To do this, you should do a little research in our blog to look exactly the model you have and find the most effective tactic to get direct access to the mobile operating system from Apple, without risking damage to your iPhone, iPod or iPad Touch. Also, when you decide to install applications that come from this environment, you must ensure that we can trust the various development groups in order to avoid unpleasant surprises.

iPhone Tips: How to unlock the panoramic picture in iOS 5

iPhone Tips How to unlock the panoramic picture in iOS 5
There are tricks for the iPhone that take advantage of the new operating system from Apple. iOS 5 hides a secret, or rather hidden feature that lets you take panoramic photos natively, without necessarily having to lean on apps to download (maybe even free) from App Store in iTunes. The mode is set to off, then you should turn on and you can start it the pictures that are then edited together to create a single ad-hoc, developed horizontally. How do it work? For now it only works with iDevice jailbreak. We follow the procedure developer Conradev.

You will have to act on the file putting a flag on Yes in the vicinity of the voice EnableFirebreak. Since that time the item will appear Panorama and you can take panoramic photos. Probably it will be open to all abilities with the next update to iPhone OS 5, which yesterday came under fire of criticism for a dangerous vulnerability.