move an application to Micro SD card

Moving application on the SD card from Galaxy S4

It is unclear what actually happens at Google right now, but apparently the problems begin to succeed on its products. Indeed, Android 4.3 Jelly Bean begins gradually to be seen by some as a failure because many bugs and annoyances are increasingly felt. Currently, it is perhaps not really a bug, but one thing that can be classified in the category of neglect.

It actually turns out that the update to the Galaxy S4 Google Edition to version 4.3 does not provide the ability to move an application to Micro SD card. Therefore, many applications can not use the card and displayed each time an error message that the folks at Android Central. Thus, it is unclear exactly what happened in the case of an error from Samsung because they are the ones that deploy the update to the Google Edition devices as well Google handles the sale the product, and provides sources of raw Android codes, or if the error is indeed Google is not really excited about the use of a Micro SD card.

move an application to Micro SD card

In fact, as mentioned above, Google merely provides sources of the version of Android code, and it is the designer that installs different drivers for the hardware used by the smartphone, where the assumption which is highly unlikely from an oversight on the part of Samsung. In any case, it is the users who bought the 16GB version that are most affected, as they will certainly not have enough space to store its data and multimedia applications on their Galaxy S4 Google Edition.

Anyway, if you are an experienced user, you may very well fix the problem by yourself, because you just platform.xml find the file in / system / etc / permissions /, and add a command line as shown on the image capture below that is highlighted.

Otherwise, if you’re not very excited to touch the command line of your system, in this case you can wait until a new update is deployed by Samsung or Google.