The bandit, the legendary new card from Clash Royale

Update of Clash Royale: The bandit, clan battles and much more

Almost every month games like Pokémon GO or even this recent Super Mario Run are news by the arrival of new features or different rumors, but in the background there is always a game at the top of the top mobile games on Android : Clash Royale.

The bandit, the legendary new card from Clash Royale

Today, the latest Supercell is the protagonist of the day with the arrival of a new (legendary) card and a new smart phone game: clan battles. Here we’ll tell you everything in this article.

The bandit, the legendary new card from Clash Royale

The bandit is the name that receives the new legendary Clash Royale, which has a cost of 3 elixir and is the first card that becomes “invulnerable” for a short period of time. As of today, it is now available in the game.

This could be acquired during the course of the discard challenge by winning 12 wins, and is useful for both defending and attacking. His life, however, is not his strong point : he practically dies of a “bolazo”.


With the arrival of the bandit we have also welcomed the clan battles and their respective clan battle chest , a new game mode that long awaited and has made even more fun Clash Royale.

The battle of clans is nothing more than a normal battle of Clash Royale but carried out by you and another member of the clan against two other members of a rival clan. Consequently, you and your friend can coordinate to attack / defend with your two decks and your respective elixir.

In addition to this arrival of the clan battles, Supercell has used to transform the clan chest with the crowns won in these battles, that is, it is not filled with crowns won in “normal” battles .

Download Clash battles, the new gameplay from Google Play for free.