Cheap Cell phone Nokia Asha 302 with Vodafone and Orange

Cheap Cell phones Nokia Asha 302 with Vodafone and Orange

In the last Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Nokia introduced the Asha series low-end cheap cell phones, with attractive design and that would initially be aimed at less developed countries. However, these cheap cell phones Asha models on sale in Europe are expected to achieve the same success of sales that have been made in Asia.
Cheap Cell phone Nokia Asha 302 with Vodafone and Orange
Thus, companies Vodafone and Orange can get a pretty good price Asha 302. Although these phones are low-end, these models have a design like BlackBerrys because they have QWERTY keyboard. But for the short walk to budget or not very clear which party has to get a smartphone, starting an economic model is best.

With Vodafone, you can get this phone for only 50 euros. That’s the price you have for guests arriving to this company through a portability or to the new numbers, plus a 24-month stay. Vodafone customers who want to renew your card or mobile who want to move to contract it may get free.

With Orange, the terminal would have a cost free for portability and migration, with a contract of 18 months. That any fees associated with the fare except Squirrel 8, because then the price goes up to 40 euros. Also sells prepaid terminal, and thus it could get for 90 euros, the same price as in the free market.