Nokia Lumia 820, analysis and opinion

Nokia Lumia 820 analysis and opinion

The concept of midrange takes a new turn with the Nokia Lumia 820. The Finnish firm proposes a device that, among other things, leads the new operating system Microsoft Windows Phone 8 with an improved appearance and features more solvent. It is a device with 4.3 inch screen and eight-megapixel camera and dual-core processor at 1.5 GHz.

Nokia Lumia 820, analysis and opinion

The Nokia Lumia 820 offers a good index of autonomy and allows recharge wirelessly -provided recourse to an accessory that offers itself Nokia. In connection has Wi-Fi, 3G, Bluetooth, microUSB, and NFC, a communication system to use proximity to wireless audio equipment or share data by simple contact.

It will be during the next fall when it goes on sale the Nokia Lumia 820, available in various colors, allowing to customize the look of the device through the exchange of backshells.

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