Nokia Lumia 820 is a new line of smartphones equipped with the operating system Windows Phone

Why the Nokia Lumia 820 is a green phone

There are cell phones that are normal. And there are phones that have a touch of class. For example Nokia introduced one of the smartphones more surprising in the market. It is, of course, the Nokia 808 PureView, a device equipped with a large 41-megapixel camera. But that’s not all. The Finnish surprised his loyal customers with the coming-out of a new line of smartphones equipped with the Windows Phone operating system. In recent weeks, of Espoo was pleased to present a pair of high-level proposals, the Nokia Lumia 920 and secondly, the Nokia Lumia 820. But what has the Nokia Lumia 820 to be so special? Well, among other things, that it is a pretty green phone; to know the secret read the following lines carefully.

Nokia Lumia 820 is a new line of smartphones equipped with the operating system Windows Phone

Well, if you look at the official sheet of some devices, usually marks the end review (if they do) those characteristics that make your mobile phone can be considered a green smartphone. In the case of the Nokia Lumia 820, this section is especially broad. Finns speak up five different points, so that has been labeled – directly – as the greenest computer catalog. For starters, as has happened with other devices, the Nokia Lumia 820 is packaged in a box of small size. This is not new. Since the legendary Nokia N8 was released in a compact storage system, which means: less cardboard, less pallets, more space in the trucks, fewer trips and less smoke to distribute the same amount of units from one place to another. The cardboard used by Nokia is fully recycled from certified forests.

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But this is not the only feature that makes the Nokia Lumia 820 phone 100% efficient. The charging system is also different. On one hand, the Lumia terminals have a system of control for screen brightness and a tool for automatic energy savings. This provision is necessary to add a new socket wall which makes the device very shortly consumed at rest, with the advantage that the new dual core processor Snapdragon (installed in new Lumia 820 and Lumia 920) is more efficient than usual. So much for consumption, because then there are other practices and laboratory procedures have become routine. Nokia invests 66% in obtaining materials and manufacture of mobile, with a 1% dedicated to the recycling of components.

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Nokia has used materials like PVC, the BFR or RFR (highly pollutant) for the manufacture of Lumia 820. He has worked with recycled metals and bioplastic parts for the outer casing are certified Company Substance List. The recycling of components has been a continuous process within Nokia. Nearly a year ago, the company showed a video that explains the process of recovery of parts through the old phones back to factory.