new Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8 would be very close to receiving a new update

Nokia Lumia with Windows Phone 8 will receive a new update

The new Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8 would be very close to receiving a new update. The Australian operator Telstra has confirmed through an email the arrival of a new data package for smartphones with Microsoft mobile operating system. According to data provided by the company, the update would take off to the terminals by mid-May which suggests an international rollout to other markets in the coming weeks. The most optimistic forecasts point to a release from June, just three weeks later of this first update. Phones that would benefit from this package firmware are: Nokia Lumia 920, Nokia Lumia 820, Nokia Lumia 720, Nokia Lumia 620 and Nokia Lumia 520. But what are the characteristics and contributions of the so-called update GDR2 for Windows Phone 8?

new Nokia Lumia equipped with Windows Phone 8 would be very close to receiving a new update

One of the most talked about improvements is, without doubt, the integration of FM radio service , a feature that was discarded in the first release of Windows Phone 7. Know that for the case, all phones Nokia have the hardware or equipment required for the radio function is fully operational. But this is not the only feature that will provide GDR2 to Lumia devices. It is also expected that henceforth, the screens can be activated via a dual touch when in standby mode, and the terminals can easily be silenced by a new tool for this configuration. Finally, you will touch features related to the design and the themes or color profiles available, a classic in every update that has presented Nokia Lumia family with Windows Phone OS.

Moreover, in the documentation provided by the user who directly consulted Telstra appears a reference to the 1308 update that caused some problems in the battery and therefore the autonomy of some terminals. It seems that this little incident will be corrected with the 1314 update. In fact, with this package Nokia remedy some of the errors found in other versions, correct certain bugs and try to increase their potency and stability .

And although Nokia has not officially released its forecast updates, the roadmap is nearly sharp. For several weeks, the beta of the update GDR2 now available in Nokia Navifirm, the update repository Finnish. At this time, it seems he might be almost ready to be sent. That’s when technicians begin working on the next update technically called GDR3. This did not come until later this year and would, officially, Windows Phone 8.5 (Blue). Their deployment could occur before arriving Christmas 2013. Just months ago, Microsoft recruiting new developers to work on it intensely, but its features are still unknown.