What is and how to make the most of Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher: the tricks to use it to the fullest

Nova Launcher is salvation for many Android users . Why? For the features it offers. An example? It allows you to unlock hidden folders directly on your Android smartphone. What is Nova Launcher and how does it work in detail? Expands the possibilities of your smartphone and allows you to better manage both the screen space and the news of the Android 9 operating system. Here’s how.

Nova Launcher is a 50 million download app on the Play Store. So many that Google has also decided to join the beta testing campaign. It is a free app for Android that replaces the Android screen and its app organization. That’s all? No. The features are almost endless.

The app is updated every time the official operating system changes or is updated, to overcome each time. Some are simple customization features , others are real turbos for those on the smartphone who have their entire working life or not.

What is and how to make the most of Nova Launcher

Nova Launcher: how it works

Once you’ve downloaded the app on the Play Store, you just need to tap the app. These are the basic functions:

Custom icons: If you love customizing your Android smartphone, Nova Launcher gives you the possibility to choose from thousands of themed icons. So, you don’t have to use the default ones.
Night mode. The smartphone has a light sensor and an internal clock. With night mode, when a certain time arrives and the smartphone is turned on, the dark theme is activated by itself, to see the icons well in any light condition.
App Drawer . The “designer” app actually redesigns how you use your smartphone. It allows you to manage the scrolling of the touch and the animations that the smartphone uses when you open or close an app.
Sub-grids. This is one of the reasons why Nova Launcher is used . The app allows you to insert different widgets that are often found only after installing this application.
Backup and restore . The bnackup and restore function already exists in Android, accessing the settings. It is said that the smartphone must make periodic backups, as happens for the PC. How many do they really remember? The app allows you to set up automatic backups and speeds up the backup for system recovery. The developers provide a simpler way to pass key system data from one smartphone to another, provided both are Android.
All this improves the smartphone’s performance and speeds it up rather than decreasing it.

Because there is no iOS version

The version for iOS is not there because for iPhone and iPad there is an upstream system optimization designed by Apple. So, for the moment it seems like there’s no room for Nova Launcher.

Which version to choose and where to find Nova Launcher

The app is available in three versions:

The Beta version for testers. It is located on the official website.
The free one found on the Play Store and has all the basic functions.
The paid version, which costs 4.50 euros only at the time of download. It is found in the Play Store and on the official website. It allows you to hide apps without uninstalling them, create custom tabs, manage scrolling with more options and general counting for individual app notifications.

Download now the Nova Launcher app directly from the Play Store . To enter the test, you can request to become a beta tester from here . Get the Prime version of Nova Launcher on the official website .

The best tricks to upgrade your smartphone

Nova Launcher allows you to hide apps on Android in two ways. The first is to change the icon of the folder that contains the apps . To do this, just create the folder and select it. Pressing with a touch, the Edit item will open .

From here, you can insert the folder icon, choose the name and choose the Swipe . What is it for? Simplify your life with a gesture: by tapping open the app and with the swipe you choose which app to perform the action with. Do you want to listen to music? Open the music folder and with the Swipe, or moving your finger to the left, choose whether to open Spotify or Soundcloud.

The second method is to make the app disappear completely. To do this, you don’t need to disable the app. Go to the Nova Launcher settings and choose the app menu. From there, choose Hide apps and the app to hide. Whenever you want, you’ll only know where the app is and when to use it.

From the app menu you can put an internal search engine not connected to the Internet that you need to find the app you need, even if hidden. You decide whether to make this search engine appear or not by choosing from the options.

If you want to see what the developers are up to, you can use the experimental features . These functions are found directly in the Nova Launcher settings . The use of experimental features is not a problem for your smartphone. You can always go back.

The everyday gestures on the smartphone are decided by those who create the operating system. With Nova Launcher you decide which gestures to make and how your smartphone should interpret them.

From the Gestures and actions function you can also choose these options from the app settings. Finally, the app allows you to insert your photos as icons . What does it mean? The app already allows you to use theme icons that are not the default ones.

Your photo as an icon

The beauty is that you can also use your personal photos , the icons you downloaded on your own, or files that you created yourself as icons for your favorite applications.

The function is the same as for customizing the folder. Touch the icon and choose the Edit option from the menu that appears . At that point, all you have to do is choose the photo you like best in the gallery or the icon that looks the best and select it. Save and you’ll find the photo as an app icon!

The settings and features of Nova Launcher are a real fun! All that remains is to download the free app for Android and try it to immediately notice the difference when you use your smartphone!