OnePlus 2 laser system of fingerprint recognition in the Home button

OnePlus Two: Laser fingerprint sensor position leaked

All hoped to see by the end of March, arriving Android Lollipop, smartphone OnePlus One but unfortunately this dream is still far away. This does not involve any kind of tragedy Whereas, users can use the CM12; now is available in a long version nighlty and we must admit that all are comfortable with the Android version 4.4.4 KitKat.

Remains just a little disappointment towards the promise made the past few months by the company. The main reasons are because of the difficulties to achieve the version Lollipop. But everyone knows that where there is a bit of rain, is always clear.

OnePlus 2 laser system of fingerprint recognition in the Home button

From this point of view we see get some interesting information about the new OnePlus Two that most likely will be presented during Q3 2015. But beyond that we know will have a Snapdragon processor 810, a 3/4 GB RAM and a screen with Large.

The aesthetics will prove to be very similar to that of Find 7 and there will be no major differences compared to its predecessor; a bit ‘as happened with the new HTC One M9. OnePlus Two will have a sensor fingerprinting Laser, most likely located in the front face: you can use to unlock, to protect some data and then provide more security. Furthermore, the price will be much more other than OnePlus One; But everything is still to be confirmed.

The Latest News Concerning the OnePlus 2

After a million OnePlus One sold, it seems that, for the manufacturer, hold down the price of its most important cell, is a successful choice and model OnePlus 2, now imminent, should be even more refined and brilliant first. To view it, however you will have to wait until the third quarter of the year: until then, we have to make entries on OnePlus 2 that are continuously circulating.

The new device will have a OnePlus 2 laser system of fingerprint recognition in the Home button and, probably, a processor Snapdragon 810 to 64 bits.

The design also would seem too much like Oppo Find 7, a story that is not so strange, considering the many points of connection between whether created Oppo and OnePlus.

Just as it is not a big surprise even the price, definitely less economical than its predecessor, but, after all, selling a mobile top of the range to less than $ 299 is quite counterproductive. An unpleasant is the system of sale by invitation: although it is understood that the company needs to assess the extent of the request more than its competitors, also because of the low price, after the launch of OnePlus One should have already ‘idea of ??how many pieces produce in a certain period of time.

There is also talk of a smaller display and a metal frame and in any case, as says the co-founder of OnePlus, Carl Pei, the sequel to One Plus One should be “amazing”.