Operating Systems for Smartphones: The growth of Windows Phone

As already written when Windows Phone is a follower in the smartphone market, but, even after the fall of giants like RIM and WebOS, however, is emerging as the third mobile ecosystem immediately behind Apple’s iPhone OS and Google’s Android, with a rosy forecast for growth in the future.
Operating Systems for Smartphones - The growth of Windows Phone
The proliferation of devices with Windows Phone is getting most major web sites to create mobile versions of which are optimized and designed specifically for Microsoft smartphones.
For example, Google has recently created a new version of its search page optimized for mobile devices with Winodws Phone 7.5, rich in elements in HTML5.
This confirms what the Windows Phone platform is spreading between users and how good the work of the development team at Microsoft was is showing its full potential and, in a not too distant future, could gamble on a par with iPhone and Android OS.
Surely it is premature to draw any conclusions, but these details you can see how this system is growing hand to hand.