Protect your smartphone from identity theft even if you lose it

Did you know that the spread of smartphones is very high nowadays? As you’re reading this post, you know full well what risks there may be: we connect the phone via 3G networks and Wi-Fi networks very often which are not always safe, caught in public places, offices or homes of friends. Not to mention how easy it is to lose or be victims of theft. Let’s see what the risks are and what are good standards of prevention.

Protect your smartphone from identity theft even if you lose it

Sailing in uncharted waters

Every time we download an app, or simply look at the sites from your mobile phone, exchange data, and this exposes us to malware and spyware. There App that protect the boat from smartphone or tablet. Sometimes they are paid, but it’s worth it.


If you lose it or somebody stole it, what you will do?

For this problem there App that delete data remotely and can also identify the location of your smartphone thanks to the GPS signal. In addition, you can encrypt certain folders (those that contain important data) in the case, as often happens, spend time before you are aware of the theft or loss.


Mobile Banking

“My bank offers me a convenient online access to my account via the iPhone. In fact, I started using it, even if they are not very safe.” This is the question that many have. The problem often lies in the fact that in trying to offer products and services more updated and functional, the same companies sometimes turn a blind eye on computer security. Then do this:

  • used to deactivate a password or lock the screen and access the mobile device;
  • installed an app that allows you to delete data on your smartphone remotely;
  • install an anti-malware software just like on your computer;
  • alerts set by your bank. By now all online accounts are intended to notify the movements carried out;
  • seem trivial, but someone does: never send text messages with their data access;
  • do not make money when you are connected to a Wi-Fi, because it could be at risk of intrusion.
  • Make it a habit to check the transaction of money in your bank account, not only by phone.