different ways to read the QR Code

QR Code Reader, how to get it, how to use

Each smartphone or mobile phone in general, have different ways to read the QR Code. This article is a brief guideĀ  which will explain how to set up your device to interact with this original “barcode.”

different ways to read the QR Code

QR readers

To interact with a QR Code a camera is sufficient for your smartphones (or mobile phone) along with a browser to surf the Internet. First, connect your phone to one of the following addresses:



Once in one of these sites just follow the simple directions on the phone and install the QR reader

software version that compatible with your model of smartphone.


The QR reader installs itself.

Once you have chosen compatible version of your mobile phone, in a few simple steps you will be able to install the software. Before you load the player, scroll down the menu of your phone. If you have a last-generation model, you may have already supplied as standard, such as all Nokia E series.


Obtain the QR reader by sending an SMS

There is another method, simple as well, to get the reader directly on QR Code smartphone, just send a text message to the number +44 7797 882325 (stating in the text, the term “i-nigma”) or by phone +358 50 3100075 or +44762480 24 86 (indicating in the text, the term ” bee ” ). Within seconds you will be able to receive an SMS containing the link to download the compatible version of QR Code reader for your phone.


Pay only the connection

Once the installation procedure finished, to use the QR Code, just to frame any QR Code with the camera to connect to your Web site.

The service is completely free. You will have to pay only for the Internet, according to your data plan. The board, in this case, is to subscribe to a flat rate or fee. A network to connect to Wi-Fi.