Ransomware: what it is and how to protect yourself

The Ransomware is not a new aggression. In fact, the first time this type of computer attack was recognized was around 1989 and it spread from one computer to another through the use of a diskette. Currently all information and devices are connected through the network.
Thanks to the existence of different programs of Ransomware in open source and the possibility of obtaining great economic benefits this type of aggressions has become more frequent with the passage of time . The aim of the attacker always responds to economic reasons. The Ransomware is not intended to damage the victim’s files but to steal them and then ask for a ransom for them .

But how can we prevent a Ransomware attack from occurring?

Here are some tips:

Update the operating system and applications regularly . Most updates have security patches that are essential to ensure the security of any device. Updating web browsers is especially important.

Backup copies : Regularly backing up your operating system on external devices is highly recommended. If there is any loss of information or any type of aggression we can ensure that we have a receipt. There is a large number of free cloud storage systems.

Use antivirus and update it : Avast is a very practical option because it offers different degrees of protection that include Ransomware devices.

Take preventive measures : For example, you should avoid opening files and links that come from unknown sources. All those emails that come from an unreliable contact should be automatically deleted without even opening it. On the other hand, when you are going to enter your personal data in any form, make sure that the web has HTTPS protocol enabled.
Only by following these simple measures will you be able to protect yourself against attacks with Ransomware.