RapidPhone: Changing the way you call and send messages quickly

RapidPhone is the new application that changes the way you call and quickly send messages to your friends. Unlike other RapidPhone application, it allows simple and intuitive to use gestures, in addition to the classic buttons, for speed telephony and messaging on your iPhone. The application is divided into four modes: “Gesture Mode”, the “Classic Mode”, the “Useful numbers” and “Bluetooth chat”.

RapidPhone Changing the way you call and send messages quickly

Here are the features of the application:

  • Call contact with simple gestures (swipe)
  • Call contact by pressing a single button
  • Send an SMS to a contact with a simple gesture (double tap)
  • Send an SMS to a contact by pressing a single button
  • Bluetooth Chat
  • Ability to customize the slot
  • Four slots available
  • Opening exploiting the background fast
  • Possibility of quick switching between the two modes
  • Gesture Mode
  • Classic mode
  • Useful Numbers
  • Numbers of police

Gesture mode: This mode is very suitable if you prefer to use gestures to the classic buttons. To call a contact just press the same slot on the image and drag your finger outside the zone of contact. Thus starts a call. To send a text message instead of just double-click on the area of contact.

Classic modes: Classic mode may be more convenient for those who find it hard to remember the gesture. Just press it on the “handset” and start a call, same thing for the message icon which will open the SMS app on the same contact.

Useful Numbers: a section of the app is mostly composed by 8 numbers 4 numbers plus the use of law enforcement. Bluetooth: using very few steps you can connect with other devices to send and receive messages conveniently without the need of internet connection.
The developers, just sent for review a new version of RapidPhone that solves all the problems of compatibility, it will be available in a few days.