Review iPad Air 2019: the best tablet you can buy

Review iPad Air 2019: the best tablet you can buy

The iPad is one of the stars of Apple for the great quality it has, how well built they are and especially for the amount of tasks we can do thanks to a fluid iOS and perfectly integrated. The last bet of Apple for the most basic public has been the 3rd generation iPad Air that we had the opportunity to try and in this article we give you our opinion of this team and especially if it is worth buying or not.

In general we can say that the iPad Air 2019 has nothing to envy the iPad Pro 2018 because it has an identical processor and a screen size that is close. L as main differences lie mainly in the design and the Apple Pencil second – generation iPad Air in 2019 can not use it . Here we open the question of what equipment to buy and we believe that if you are a basic user you can save a lot of money by opting for the new iPad Air.

iPad Air 3, nothing to envy the iPad Pro

The design of this iPad Air 2019 is quite beautiful, reminding us of the iPad Pro 2017 with some sharp frames and keeping the Home button on the bottom housing the Touch ID technology to unlock the device. The dimensions are quite correct, it is 25.06 x 17.41 x 0.61 cm making it easy to transport it in the backpack to go to university or work, which is quite light since it weighs 456g WiFi version and LTE 464g.

Review iPad Air 2019: the best tablet you can buy

On the sides we find a 3.5 mm Jack something that will appreciate the most professional addition to the Smart Connector that lacks the iPad mini 5 . With this connector we can connect various keyboards to the iPad as the official Apple although there are many other alternatives in the network that we leave here .

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The screen looks fabulous, ideal for playing multimedia content on Netflix, HBO, YouTube or others. It has a size of 10.5 ” with a resolution of 2224 x 1668 dpi. It also incorporates the technology we see in the latest iPhone, True Tone, to give us a much more appropriate and realistic viewing experience.

If it is true that we do not find an OLED panel but we believe that the experience will be quite adequate for most users because we remember that this is not an iPad designed for professionals but for a basic user who looks for a good team for the daily tasks of the day by day how to take notes, consult information on the internet or even take the management of a business.

This screen is compatible as we said before with the first generation Apple Pencil, not the second. We believe that the operation of this is incredible although we think that they should have incorporated the second because the recharge of the first generation is laughable because of the position in which the pencil remains and especially because we have no place to leave it.

While with this first generation Apple Pencil we can take notes easily or make our own designs as well as help us edit photos thanks to the applications found in the iOS App Store.

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The power of the iPad Air 2019 is excellent

If we look in the bowels of the iPad Air we see an A12 chip, identical to the one we have in the new iPhone and in the latest iPad Pro. This will give us a processing capacity that we will have left over because iOS does not take all the party it should. With this we mean that the life of this iPad will be many years without any problem of lag when it comes to using applications, playing video games or processing a video that you just edited.

Here we see that as this iPad has nothing to envy to the Pro range in terms of processing capacity something that surprises us for good. We believe that if you want to save a lot of money you should opt for this device over the iPad Pro unless you want a model with a few inches more screen to work better or if you think that the shortcuts of the second generation Apple Pencil are basic for you for your profession.

The camera, the great abandoned on the iPad

When it comes to the camera we do not see any surprise in its quality. The front camera is 8 MP with an aperture f / 2.4 with the possibility of performing Live Photos and activating the HDR mode. The video recording remains in a 1080p but we can also record in slow motion at 120 fps. After doing some tests it looks pretty good but if there is a good brightness in the room something that can make it difficult for us to scan documents at certain times. If it is true that it is not the most comfortable to take photographs of a landscape with an iPad but in the age of digitalization we believe that they should put a better camera to scan in a more appropriate way.

The FaceTime camera if we think it is quite improvable because videoconferencing with an iPad is the most normal if you dedicate it to work. Currently we have a 7MP camera with a focal aperture of f / 2.2 that we think is quite mediocre, we repeat if we are in a room with unfavorable light conditions.

If we happen to talk about the bat ería we do not have any type of complaint since it will give you a pretty good autonomy of several days if you use it in a normal way. If it is true that if you dedicate yourself to watching multimedia content all day long, it is most likely that you will have to plug it into the stream at the end of the day. Also if you throw away many hours taking notes in the university because autonomy will last one day.

But in general we have been very satisfied although it is true that we appreciate that the battery recharge is quite slow taking several hours to reach 100%.

Due to the characteristics it has that is very close to the Pro range we believe that it has a fairly intermediate price although if you are a basic user you may have to opt for the iPad mini 5 because there you will save a lot of money because of the price difference. This iPad Air 2019 can be found in silver, space gray and gold in addition to being in two storage capacities: 64 and 256 GB.

The prices that this iPad Air has are the following:

Model 64 GB WiFi version for € 549 here.
Model 64 GB WiFi + LTE version for € 689 here.
Model 256 GB WiFi version for € 719 here.
Model 256 GB WiFi + LTE version for € 859 here.

In conclusion if you are looking for an iPad to go to the university with an acceptable screen size we believe that this is a quite viable option. If you want a smaller size to be more manageable because if we recommend you go for an iPad mini 5 . What is clear is that what you are going to do with an iPad Pro, or almost everything, you will be able to do with this equipment something that we love.