Rumors that Apple is preparing major design changes with iOS 7

Rumor of Apple to Go Black, White and Flat for iOS 7

According to sources close to Apple, next iOS 7 will be “white, black and flat”. We recall that Tim Cook fired Scott Forstall, senior vice president of iOS, in late 2012 by the crisis that the operating system is going through and the mistakes Apple native maps. Scott Forstall has had a more than relevant in recent years with the company, especially considering that it was the parent of a fully touch operating system and has achieved great success in the past six years.

Rumors that Apple is preparing major design changes with iOS 7

Jonathan Ive is now responsible for all aspects of design and human interface in Apple and, as has been told, iOS 7 will undergo a facelift and will feature new colors and icons. We say goodbye to the ornate style of Scott Forstall and welcome to a simpler interface colors, in which white and black predominate. There has been green scrap of Game Center and wooden shelves Newstand and iBooks. The leather background calendars also disappear (we expect something similar, therefore, in Mac OSX).

The native applications such as Contacts, calendar and maps, will undergo a redesign to unify their appearance. In the background, use the white and black as colors.

For its part, the application icons will remain rounded, but iOS 7 will be more uniform and “flat”. Ive been shelved highlights, shadows and highlighted in this regard. Its aim is to present an appearance generally easier. The notifications could present a very similar style to which we have now.

Hopefully iOS 7 will not disappoint users.