Samsung Galaxy Premier specs shows in great detail

Samsung Galaxy Premier shows in great detail

More screenshots of future Samsung Galaxy Premier, the new Member of the famous series of the Korean company smartphones continue to arrive. Just a few days ago it was in a real image. You could see that his appearance resembled recent Samsung releases and that he could be seen on the Samsung Galaxy S3 or Samsung Galaxy Note 2, two terminals in the market. More pictures that this Samsung Galaxy Premier can see from all angles have now leaked.

Samsung Galaxy Premier specs shows in great detail

Images that can be seen posing with this terminal becomes to demonstrate that what was suggested in the beginning, was true: its design is very similar to their brothers in catalog. Meanwhile, is continuous discussion of what will be the terminal to meet: some portals indicate to Samsung Galaxy Nexus, although there are others who suggest that it might be a relay of Samsung Galaxy R, a model who appeared on the market about a year ago and that was a step below the ship then logo: Samsung Galaxy S2, model that is pending for Android 4.1 at the beginning of the next month of November.

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On the other hand, the model that has become to be filtered is which has the chassis in white, although it is also expected that Samsung included in bid blue. For the rest, you have a smartphone of rounded edges with chrome details, Center button to access the main menu and side buttons to regulate the volume.

Meanwhile, on the back you can see the camera with a flash of LED type. The sensor that use this camera is postulated that it would have a maximum of eight megapixel resolution. On the front there is a camera – along with the light sensor environment – which will allow the customer to be able to make video calls. And in this case will be a two megapixel camera.

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However, the screen that use this Samsung Galaxy Premier will be large. Rumors suggest it is a multitouch Panel, which will use technology SuperAMOLED and that would reach a 4.65 inches diagonal. And, although it was commented that its resolution is only 800 x 480 pixels, is betting that its resolution would raise up to high definition, specifically 1,280 x 720 pixels values.

Meanwhile, in the Taiwanese agency certification sheet – place where it has been sighted model – also confirms it will have included the NFC technology, one for which Samsung is betting on lately in their models and that you can enjoy in the company releases. Finally, everything which is included in the sales package has been: a headset, MicroUSB cable and charger that will work with the same USB cable which goes to the synchronization of the terminal with a computer.

This is the latest news having Samsung Galaxy Premier. And is continuous rumored that its release date will be next December – without specific date – and that its selling price will be 400 euros in free format. In addition, the dates of release, Android 4.1 could be the responsible for moving all the functions.