Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a slightly larger flatterer

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the test: Bigger, more expensive – and better

The Samsung Galaxy S10 has convinced in the test – but also shown surprising weaknesses, such as the battery performance. Does the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus inherit these weaknesses or does the formula “bigger = better” apply here? In the test for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus we go to this question.
Samsung has introduced the Galaxy S10 Plus a really big, yet compact smartphone. We were able to get a first impression and have recorded this in the video above. Whether the good first impression has been maintained, we tell you in the test for the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus a slightly larger flatterer

The differences between the Samsung Galaxy S10 and Galaxy S10 Plus are not as great as between Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 Plus. The big and small models share the same main camera, software and hardware and therefore differ only in a few points. Our test of the Galaxy S10 Plus thus refers to the areas that make up the Galaxy S10 Plus. All other findings coincide with the test of the Samsung Galaxy S10 .

Like the Samsung Galaxy S10, the Galaxy S10 Plus feels comfortable in the hand thanks to the almost perfect transition between the different front and back materials. In Germany, there is officially only the version with ceramic back to buy. Only the colors black and white are available. We have received the version in white, which is more in color towards light “creamy white”. This fits in with the slightly copper-colored frame. You can see that this is a premium product.

The back of ceramic is said to be more robust than the glass used in the Galaxy S10, but it also weighs more. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is not a lightweight smartphone. It comes to 198 grams. The non-available version in Germany with a glass back weighs only 177 grams.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus only with more internal memory

At a price of € 1,249 you get the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in Germany but not only from a different material, but also with lush 512 GB of internal memory and 8 GB of RAM. Optionally, a version with 1 TB internal memory and 12 GB RAM is available. Samsung tries to take the customer here a decision that a company should not make for its customers. Who wants to rebel, gets the Galaxy S10 Plus with back of glass and 128 GB of internal memory in the EU area. In our opinion, one should have offered all versions with us. The Plus model with glass back is also available in a green version – this is also withheld from us.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus with larger display and wide camera hole

Who buys a Galaxy S10 Plus, of course, gets a larger display. In direct comparison, it is striking that the Super AMOLED screen is a bit warmer than the smaller Galaxy S10 or a Galaxy Note 9. You can readjust something in the settings to fix it. But we only noticed that because we compared all three devices. In normal use, this is barely visible.

Samsung Galaxy S10: Tips & Tricks

The screen has a diagonal of 6.4 inches, dissolves with 3.040 x 1.440 pixels and has an aspect ratio of 19: 9. The presentation is astrein, the brightness very high. While the S10 has only a small camera hole with a single camera, the Plus model has a dual camera installed, which falls out correspondingly larger. Even after some time of daily use I could not get used to this big hole, it seems almost like a huge pixel error. The hole is just too big, the eye keeps moving in that direction.

At least on the home screen you can disguise the big camera hole with fancy wallpapers . As soon as you are in an app or a game, or just pull down the light notifications, the hole falls directly on. Definitely getting used to.

The dual camera on the front actually makes exactly the same pictures as the single front camera of the Galaxy S10. The second sensor is only for better depth measurement in portrait selfies. Whether you benefit from it depends on whether you like and need selfies with artificial blur. Even without this secondary camera, the regular S10 can take selfies with artificial blurring – but the effect is calculated entirely in software and is therefore not qualitatively at the same level. Apart from that, we did not notice any difference in image quality and refer to our camera review of the Galaxy S10, in which we examine the new triple camera in detail:

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus and the battery life

One of the most important questions about the Galaxy S10 Plus is whether, despite its larger display, it lasts longer than the Galaxy S10 thanks to the lush battery. Short answer: yes! The 700 mAh larger, a total of 4,100 mAh battery, provides noticeably better runtime – especially when you turn off the always-on display. While the Galaxy S10 only had a maximum display-on time of 4.5 hours, the Plus model has up to 6 hours of display-on time. It is easy to get through the day and still has plenty of reserves for a nice evening or a long night.

All other points, such as the software, call quality and special features, you can see the test of the Samsung Galaxy S10 . In this regard, we could not make any differences between the smartphones.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus in the test: Conclusion

Bigger is really better in the case. This not only applies to the larger screen of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus, but primarily to the battery. Except for the back of ceramic and the dual camera on the front, the two flagship smartphones from Samsung do not differ. We can not understand the pricing. Instead of simply offering all versions and letting customers decide which smartphone suits them best, Samsung tries to regulate the market in Germany and patronize its customers. That does not have to be. The Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus is the better smartphone, simply because it comes through the day with no problems and everything is just as good as the Galaxy S10.