Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform

Samsung Galaxy S4 Capable Of Becoming A Full Console Game Pad

The last presentation of Samsung not only bet on a smartphone capable of moving icons from Google very quickly, but also committed to a terminal capable of becoming a full console. And one of the accessories of Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform.

It was discovered with the Game Pad from the Samsung Galaxy S4 which could accommodate up to 6.3 inches of display equipment. This caused alarm bells and put on the table the possibility of a future Samsung Galaxy Note 3 with this diagonal size. While this information is confirmed or it refutes, the first tests of this accessory have already been published.

Samsung Galaxy S4 is a command that works with Bluetooth and turns the terminal to an entertainment platform

First, the first of the options allows to integrate in the Game Pad from Samsung Galaxy S4; thanks to a removable media from the top of the fixture. There may accommodate different Samsung smartphones to begin in four-inch screens. The connection will be through Bluetooth technology and allow the controls of the game as if it were a portable console.

Secondly, while placing in the living room, the Samsung Galaxy S4 may rest on a charging base that has a HDMI output. You can also connect to a compatible TV and share videos and photos, as it is logical to latest video games on a bigger screen. And it is that the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the option of doubling your screen.

After connecting the terminal to the TV, you only need to pair the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Game Pad controller via Bluetooth. The tests were conducted smoothly and fluently, by running games like Sonic The Hedgehog 4: Episode 4 of the SEGA company, and the title Real Racing 3 by Electronic Arts.

In addition, the latter has seen a good opportunity in the latest releases of the companies. And, within a month, to launch up to 26 new titles, which include the famous Sims, Need for Speed: Most Wanted or Plants vs Zombies.
Returning to the Game Pad, it will have different control buttons, two analog directional buttons, as well as different configurable buttons, depending on the customer’s application. At its launch, says Forbes, the remote control will come accompanied by eight games. And in the market, from the beginning, up to 80 titles compatible with this Samsung controller. That Yes, its price has not been published so far.

However, the Game Pad is not the only interesting accessory of the new flagship of the Samsung Galaxy S4, the new catalogue will also have different types of covers, which highlights the baptized as S View Cover, which will be a small window allowing you to check notifications, time or weather, without opening the cover.

Another possibility is to charge the battery of the new Samsung Galaxy S4 wirelessly. And this is thanks to its base that charging by induction. Finally, the company also special emphasis on health, and Samsung will offer different solutions to practice sport and have an exhaustive control of all activity.