release of the update of the Android operating system marshmallow

Samsung Galaxy S5 mini: Official updating of Marshmallow

Extremely important new ones that have transpired in these hours for all those who are holding a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini, as apparently is coming the long-awaited turning point as regards the release of the update of the Android operating system marshmallow. After the first rumors emerged yesterday, in fact, it is important to clarify certain aspects of a product which recorded a sales volume higher than one might expect.
release of the update of the Android operating system marshmallow
First, the update is currently available only in Russia, referring to the “Version duos”, but as we learn from the recent history of the Korean manufacturer should spend a few days earlier that all versions of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini market can make actually this step. It must be said that the software package has a weight of 800 MB , why arm yourself with patience before proceeding. In addition to a stable WiFi connection and autonomy of the device at least 80%.

The early feedback that run online about the effects marshmallow update for the version of the Samsung Galaxy S5 mini involved are quite encouraging, at least for the fluidity and stability of the system , but will have to wait inevitably a few days before have greater certainty about the battery life .

In short, eyes open, because this week could already be way to receive the update of Android Marshmallow operating system for those who have decided to take home a Samsung Galaxy S5 mini here in Italy. And you have already tested the upgrade? In the event, feel free to share with us your very first sensations.


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