Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: this is what the new folding smartphone will really be called

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: the new folding smartphone of Samsung

Galaxy Z Flip will be the name of the second folding smartphone in Samsung’s history. After the possibility of Galaxy Fold 2 and Galaxy Bloom, the latest rumors confirm this as the definitive name.

It will be called Samsung Galaxy Z Flip. We speak clearly of the new Samsung foldable smartphone arriving next February 11 together with the new Galaxy S20 series that will be presented during the same event. There have been many rumors that have taken place over the past weeks and many names that many have associated with the second generation leaflet. After Galaxy Fold 2 but also after Galaxy Bloom , which has revealed itself as a code name within the company, here is the next Samsung “flip phone” will be called Z Flip, taking up precisely its folding nature in a horizontal and not vertical direction as in the first generation.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: this is what the new folding smartphone will really be called

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip: how will the device be

The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip will therefore resemble the Motorola RAZR presented a few months ago. That is, it will have a clamshell opening and not in a vertical direction as in the first generation of the Fold. We have seen in our review all the features of the first generation Fold that allows you to expand the display up to 7.3 inches in the vertical direction . Here everything is different with a phone that resembles the old clamshell cell phone rather than a futuristic device with folding display even if once opened everything changes compared to the past.

The name of Galazy Z Flip would have been revealed by the same president of Samsung Mobile , DJ Koh, who during a secret meeting in Las Vegas would have named the new device with the name of Z Flip. It seems, moreover, that many have had the opportunity to try it live, always in a secret way, and have already received some praise on its main feature, namely that of the possibility of being folded easily. Moreover, some would have associated the smartphone more to a female audience precisely because of its characteristic “flip” opening, just like those of the most famous female make-up bags.

Samsung Galaxy Z Flip for sure won’t be just a female product. Indeed, with its unique characteristics, we are sure that the male audience will also be impressed. The “flip phone” we have seen has on the outside of the device, when closed, a small display dedicated exclusively to the main information such as time, date and little else. Internally, however, once opened, it has a decidedly wider 6.89-inch panel in a particular format of 22: 9.

On the frame a USB-C connector but also a speaker grill, a volume rocker and instead no type of 3.5 mm jack. The device will be in possession of the One UI which should differ only in some features adapted to that particular display format once opened.

Samsung Galaxy Unpacked: the date

So the appointment is that of next February 11, Samsung will officially reveal its new Galaxy to the world. It will undoubtedly be an event to follow to understand where the South Korean company really wants to go, if it still manages to have supremacy over the unstoppable Huawei and above all if it will be luckier with the Galaxy Z Flip. Certainly the future could be written again by Samsung and therefore inevitable not to follow what will really happen.