Samsung works on a dual display device

Samsung patents a smartphone with a dual display design

Most smartphone manufacturers, ultimately, aim to offer a device whose screen takes up the entire front surface of the body, without any kind of notches or holes of any kind. Some manufacturers now, including Samsung with a new patent, have decided to offer a secondary display or dual display design , located on the back of the smartphone, so that it can act as a monitor for the rear cameras.

Samsung works on a dual display device

Samsung works on a dual display device

Examples of such design include smartphones such as Vivo NEX Dual Display and ZTE Nubia X. Now it seems that even Samsung, after experimenting with the rotating camera on the Galaxy A80, is planning to launch a new smartphone in its Galaxy A range, equipped with a dual display . The Korean company has recently patented a new design for a device, which also features a display in the back.

This was published on the WIPO website ( World Intellectual Property Office ). The drawings of the document show that the device has a large display, which occupies the entire front surface of the body, without the visible presence of a front camera. On the back side instead, there is a secondary display, which corresponds to about half the size of the main screen .

The dual display design of the smartphone shown by the Samsung patent is positioned on the upper part of the rear panel, so as to allow users the usual ergonomics of the phone and prevent fingerprints or stains from being left. Given the size of the display, it seems that this is designed to allow you to use the rear camera to make self-portraits , as well as to be used as a monitor during group photos.

The patent also reveals that when one of the two displays is not in use , these could be turned off to save energy on the smartphone. The display can be automatically switched back on when an activity is detected , even by simply touching it.

Given the experimentation work carried out by Samsung, with its Galaxy A range, it is likely that the smartphone will soon be presented as part of this line .