Samsung produce a truly flexible unit

Samsung to produce a truly flexible unit from 2014

This year, we finally saw the launch of the first curved Smartphone is Samsung Galaxy Round. As you know, this Smartphone is not yet fully flexible, and above all it is still sold in limited quantities. Today, a new report says that Samsung plans to deploy the first fully flexible devices with a new type of mass storage and a new type of RAM from next year.

As you could see in the picture with the sheet alleged Samsung road for years to come, the release of a flexible screen with a flexible shell logically start from next year, including the integration Vertical of NAND technology. Marketing a fully flexible and foldable device several times as a sheet of paper on it will begin in late 2015.

new type of mass storage and a new type of RAM from next year

Obviously, you can imagine that the first types of devices to adopt this folding screen will be tablets or phablettes (like the Galaxy Note 5 or may be the Galaxy Note 4), since these devices are large in size. Then we can also think that Samsung will adopt the same technology as the one on the LG G Flex for the first flexible devices because the LG G Flex is the first smartphone that is almost soft.

Samsung produce a truly flexible unit

Of course, it is quite normal that Samsung is still groping in terms in terms of improvements required to bring these new types of screen, because it is not enough to know what it takes to do it, but must also consider the large scale production and above all meet the safety standards etc.