Optical Image Stabilization

Samsung will mount the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology on the Galaxy A family

Samsung is considering the possibility of introducing the Optical Image Stabilization (OIS) technology on the Galaxy A line devices. According to a new indiscretion, Samsung seems willing to improve the hardware equipment of the Galaxy A family. The Korean giant could in fact insert new cameras equipped with an Optical Image Stabilizer .

This system called OIS that allows to improve the general qualitative yield of the photos thanks to the stabilization of the optics. In fact, the system compensates for the involuntary shaking of the hand during the shooting or shooting phase.

Optical Image Stabilization

Usually, OIS systems are present on high-end smartphones that can boast advanced photographic sectors. Samsung instead intends to start a small revolution by introducing this technology even in a segment of cheaper devices.

Galaxy A smartphones with stabilized lenses are expected to debut in the second half of the year . Obviously both hardware and software changes will be implemented. The result will certainly offer better photos than the previous generation.

In fact, the OIS system proves particularly useful on modern smartphones. The size of the sensors is always smaller to favor lightness but this is counterproductive for the quality of the photos.

A smaller sensor captures less light and consequently needs a longer exposure time in order not to get a dark photo. Increasing the exposure time also increases the time needed to take the photo and therefore the possibility that an involuntary movement of the hand may ruin the photo.

Samsung did not introduce this feature before probably due to the cost of OIS technology. This is an expensive component that would alter the competitive price of the Galaxy A family. For this reason, the possibility that the manufacturer presents a camera-phone in this range by focusing entirely on photographic qualities cannot be excluded .