Senseye technology to control the phone with your eyes

Did you ever think about controlling your handheld devices to control with your eyes? If not, just think once now. Senseye, the technology to control the smartphone, with nothing but your eyes, is about to appear to make your thought into reality!


Yes, directly from Denmark, Senseye is an innovative project, initiated by the University of Copenhagen and is now managed by a team of developers specifically selected to carry on the important project and will make a real “jump” in science fiction future of mobile technology.


After the last Siri interface introduced the iPhone4S, which allows you to control your mobile device with voice, here today (actually tomorrow) Senseye, that nothing less will allow you to control your smartphone, with your look and then with eyes!

Senseye technology to control the phone with your eyes

This is indeed a very special and innovative project that tracks eye movements, using a special front camera inserted into the smartphone, from which you can control all the features of the phone, such as phone calls, send messages, play games, check email, and everything else, without the slightest touch.

A peculiar innovation in mobile and also thanks to a special API to allow third-party app to work with Senseye, with the objective of providing early, very early indeed licensed to manufacturers that Eye technology.


A project for now is just a prototype, which has already been presented, however, the last year or June to Mobile Startup Weekend in Copenhagen, where ABB has won the Award for Global Innovation, winning the jury and the spectators.


A prototype still under development, for now running at 90% by people from which it was tested, but that while in earlier versions was that the phone must remain fixed, now you can keep the device in hand, making between much too small movements of the head: in other words you just have to wait a little bit more and soon, you can keep an eye on everything.