Remotely control the mobile of another person from your screen

Remote Control Apps: Share the Screen and Control the Mobile Remotely

Earlier and more children and teenagers receive their first mobile phone while increasing the age limit to handle a smartphone today, as many older people are able to adapt to new technologies and also have their mobile phone. In many cases Remote Control Apps become a real friend to access others’ mobile screen to help them. The truth is that it can be a great help, especially at a time when some emergency have to locate a relative.

While in the case of the younger ones it seems that they were born already knowing how to handle the mobile devices, the older people have a lot more to adapt to them . So much so, that surely many of you have to go to the rescue of your parents or grandparents because they do not know that they have done on the mobile that does not work, has lost the connection to the Internet or have any other problem.

Remotely control the mobile of another person from your screen

Remote Control Apps: Access the mobile of another person from your screen

In addition, understanding what happens to them when they tell us by phone or text message, can be difficult task, so it involves having to go home to check what happens to them on the mobile and try to fix it. So that this does not happen, we are going to show below some applications for Android devices that allow to share the screen of a mobile with another person and thus to have access to the mobile of your parents or grandparents without moving of house and to solve the problem to them from the screen of your mobile .


It is a well known remote control apps since it has been around for many years in its desktop version. Well, TeamViewer also has its version for Android devices and therefore allows you to connect to a mobile in remote and take your control easily. For this, we will have to have installed the application TeamViewer QuickSupport in your mobile and TeamViewer on the phone we want to control.

Afterwards, we simply have to share the access ID with the user who will be sharing the screen and in a few moments we will have control of the telephone of that person who has provided us with his TeamViewer ID to help him solve the problem.

Inkwire Screen Share

Perhaps one of the best remote control applications for Android that allow sharing the screen of a mobile with other users. And it is that Inkwire Screen Share allows sharing the screen of a mobile with multiple users at the same time and also has an audio chat that can be used among connected users.

It also has another interesting function as it is to allow one user to draw on the screen of another to point out what he has to do. Download Ink Screen Share.


Like TeamViewer, OneAssist lets you share the screen of an Android phone with another user but not with multiple as InkWire Screen Share. The operation is simple, just install the application on both devices and share the ID to start sharing the screen. It is compatible with voice chat and also has an interesting feature, since it allows text messages to be sent to the screen of the shared phone so that the user can read them.