When the MMS type message reaches the 'victim' device, nothing happens if it is not executed

A simple MMS can kill your iPhone (MMS Virus)

Certain applications are designed to manage a limited amount of data and, beyond this limitation it causes a lock. That’s what happens according to a new fault detected in the iOS Messages application, and it happened months ago, although not with an SMS but with an MMS. Regarding what happened earlier, there are certain problems that are repeated, and this time for the latest version of iOS, i.e. iOS 10.2.1 , and all previous versions from iOS 8.

When the MMS type message reaches the 'victim' device, nothing happens if it is not executed

Once again they have detected another problem for iOS messages, MMS Virus, causing ‘permanent’ blockage of the iPhone. And we put ‘permanent’ in quotes because there is a solution, but it is not following the normal procedure of using the terminal, but through iOS. Anyway, the problem in question has to do with MMS format vCard of 14,281 lines of code, compared to the 200-300 which are common in this file format used, for example, for managing phonebook contacts Phone. This ‘information overload’ is causing messages to crash and, as a result, the entire operating system to crash without allowing interaction by the user.
When the MMS type message reaches the ‘victim’ device, nothing happens if it is not executed, since the information it contains is not processed. The problem is, as you can see in the video, when we open the message and the system tries to interpret the data. It is at this time when the iPhone is completely blocked and, indeed, can settings reset using physical buttons as if we were to reset using iTunes. However, the problem that Apple has kept its operating system is that messages runs as a priority in the system and trying to load the latest message has been received, so that the system enters loop and a restart not It solves it.

The solution exists, although it is not official by Apple that will have to apply a patch for future upgrades, and passes ask Siri, through a voice command, which sent a message to the recipient that sent ‘SMS lock’ . That person preferably, because this way messages SMS will load that when you start , and will not cause lock loop. It is a problem similar to that already affected iOS before, and as we said was solved with a simple update of the system. And although it is not serious, because it does not cause any loss of information or anything like that , if you do not know how to escape it obviously is a major setback, because the mobile is completely blocked .


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