A smartphone offers many possibilities, it serves much more than calling by phone and sending messages

Smartphones, smart speakers and much more: technology in our day to day

A smartphone offers many possibilities, it serves much more than calling by phone and sending messages

Everything related to technology advances by leaps and bounds , just take a look at the first computers, occupy a room and could not compare anywhere near with the equipment that exists today. Although if we talk about computers we could say that they did not enter our homes until the 80s, the golden age of the 8 bits.

Technology has advanced so much that we can control some things of our home with the voice, there are smart bulbs. If we have one of the intelligent speakers from Google or Amazon, we can turn the light of a room on or off with our voice. But these speakers have many other uses , for example, serve as a personal assistant.

Technology makes our lives easier

While many of the devices we use daily are not indispensable, the truth is that they make our lives easier . For example, there are smartphones. You just have to take a look around us as we go down the street to see many people with one of these mobile phones in their hands.

A smartphone offers many possibilities, it serves much more than calling by phone and sending messages. We can consume content and install all kinds of applications, for example, one to consult our bank account and perform operations.

Microsoft in its day tried to take part of the cake if we talk about operating systems for smartphones, however, we could say that the Redmond arrived late. They tried it with Windows Phone 7/8 and later with Windows 10 Mobile. If we focus on Windows 10 Mobile, it was not a bad mobile operating system , but the developers did not turn to it.

Currently everything is a matter of two, iOS and Android. Microsoft may try again, if something we can take for granted is one thing, the Redmond do not give up easily. Now, they will have to learn from mistakes and offer something different to what there is currently.

Technology has advanced so much that it is present in many devices that we use. Even vehicle manufacturers every time they announce a new model comes with more electronics, inside they carry authentic multimedia and navigation systems. We have said it before, we could say that so much technology is not essential, but it makes our lives easier. In addition, in the case of cars, it improves safety .

Behind most electronic devices there is a lot of work, starting. Electronic circuits are indispensable. There are software companies that have been developing tools to make it easier to design the circuits that we just mentioned,

When talking about electronic circuits an example would be the motherboard of our computer, it is an indispensable component . It has everything you need to connect the graphics card, processor, RAM, power supply and all kinds of peripherals.

In short, we are surrounded by technology and we can use it for many things . Everything is moving so fast that possibly in a few years the smartphones that are currently there will be seen as obsolete.