applications of Windows Phone 8

Some useful applications of Windows Phone 8

Data Sense: The vice president of Microsoft and head of the presentation, Joe Belfiore said that unlike Windows Phone 8 on other platforms is that they have focused on the end user’s terminal. That is why, worried because we exceed our data rates have created Data Sense, a tool to reduce data consumption in navigation and use of applications in Windows Phone 8. Something similar to what has recently seen Nokia Xpress. However, Data Sense surprised because learns user behavior and applications, and to limit the consumption of which you do not use as you approach the limit of your rate plus take advantage of the service data compression of the cloud to reduce consumption general. The downside comes from the hand of the mobile operators, with which Data Sense must work closely.

applications of Windows Phone 8

Kid’s Corner (Children’s Corner): The parental control, a tool to protect your documents, applications and other issues when you left the terminal to the smallest of the house comes to mobile with Windows Phone 8. With Kid’s Corner, you can create a safe and limited environment so that children can access games and applications that let you know that they will not be able to do any mischief. Something that was responsible for confirming Jessica Alba, who appeared on stage to talk about their experience with the operating system and the possibility that his daughter play without creating a scandal on Twitter. Although the community of Twitter has been responsible for denying that the actress uses these terminals in their private lives, posting tweets or messages with photos in which she is seen with other brands of terminals.

People hub: Under the heading social of Windows Phone 8 there has been a very interesting novelty. They called Rooms and spaces are where sharing so private and secure all kinds of issues with other users. Thus you find an environment where chat and send messages, notes, calendar appointments and pictures with others who are in the same room or group. A curious and useful tool to connect and share with users even iPhone.

Skype: As you learned, a few days ago, by the slip of a responsible Skype, the application has been fully integrated into the terminals with Windows Phone 8. Thus, the style WhatsApp, application for video calls is active in the background, they can receive Internet instant messages for free anytime. All these steps avoiding sign in and out and consumption of battery and data remain excessive running constantly.