Sony Xperia U, Sola and Go are upgraded to Android 4.0

Sony Xperia U, Sola and Go are upgraded to Android 4.0

Japan’s Sony is putting the batteries as far as updates are concerned. Its range of smartphones are getting one of the latest versions of the mobile platform of Google. And these models are getting improvements: Sony Xperia U, Sola Sony Xperia and Sony Xperia Go, three advanced mobile models belonging to the middle range of the catalog of offerings.

Sony Xperia U, Sola and Go are upgraded to Android 4.0

Although Google has already presented to the public what his latest venture in the field of mobile operating systems, Sony continues its intentions and continues its road upgrade paths that have expected before the end of the year. Android 4.0 should reach many of the devices in its portfolio of offerings.

Sony Xperia U, Sony Xperia Sony Xperia Go Sola and are chosen to receive the latest improvements offered by this version of Android and will bypass the known under the name of Gingerbread. Among the recognized improvements worth mentioning that the Sony Xperia Sola is the only terminal that receives the function Mode Glove. And that is the terminal to use gloves, put another way, a very accurate function for times approaching cold.

In addition, updates will be on an ongoing basis: as usual, and not flood a Web- Sony will offer Android 4.0 for these devices in stages and reach different markets in the coming days . What should you do? Very simple. Connect the phone to a computer with both Windows-and Mac-and, of course, be installed on the computer-program-Sony will allow a workable understanding between the two devices.

In addition to this improvement in the Sony Xperia Sola, also offered more improvements than the other two devices also enjoy: a new display and playback of multimedia content (photos, music and movies) thanks to renewed applications. Also offer the ability to resize the widgets that appear on the Home screen or a screen unlock mode more effective.

It also will present a new feature that will extend the battery in standby or standby in English, up to four times. This will take effect whenever the screen mobiles are off for inactivity or because the user wants it. Just then, the new function will block its mission and automatic synchronizations, suspend notifications, and even close all applications that had become active.

Other options are available to control the spending data, an easy way to keep track of the contracted rate. And, have a virtual button that will offer a quick overview of all applications that have been implemented recently. Sony has not given the name of the first countries to receive Android 4.0 in the three models, but what is certain is that the Free versions are the first to enjoy the new icons.